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A world where magic is commonplace- too common for certain people, and too powerful. This is the biggest divide: for those that have it, it's good and necessary, and for those who don't, it's an uncontrollable danger.   Of course, most nations have a position in the middle, but still the influence of magic is felt everywhere, no matter how much people wish to oppose it. So many embrace it instead, to try and become powerful enough not to be trampled upon by those who have true power. And -because the power of Arcana clearly wasn't enough- there are Gods and Spirits to complicate further this delicate balance of power.   It's a multicultural land, with many races that live together, more or less in harmony, as much as they themselves wish to be: there are barbarian elves like there are peaceful goblins, and people should know that appearances and stereotypes aren't to be relied upon, especially not when so many people can cast spells to alter their appearance- or your mind, if you're unlucky...

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Indeed, what's going to happen? We'll know just living on. In the meantime, a comet.

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