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Stadium Jumping

Stadium Jumping is a popular individual sport involving one horse and one rider navigating a course of ten to twelve jumps within a set time limit. The largest governing body is the Tamaris Equestrian Federation, and each nation has their own governing body for the sport. The Royal Equestrian Association in Astoria, United Riding Club in Petrek, and National Equestrian Society in Verona are the largest organizations. In Astoria and Verona, many local riding clubs exist and host jumping competitions at the regional level. It is massively popular with the upper class who can afford good horses and have the free time to devote to riding recreationally.   The rules are straightforward. Each horse and rider combination must navigate the course without knocking over any jump rails and complete the course within the allowed time. Knocking over a rail or refusing a jump results in four penalty points, and each second over the allowed time results in one penalty point. The winner is the rider with the fastest time and lowest number of faults. Two refusals, falling off, or jumping the course out of order results in disqualification.   While jumping usually takes place within an arena, a variation exists which is based off the hunting tradition. The jumps are styled to be more natural such as hedges, fences, and logs, and the course stretches for over a mile in the countryside. Like with stadium jumping, the fastest time with the fewest penalties wins, but there is also a greater chance for falling.   Horses tend to be specially bred for the sport, and traits such as intelligence, speed, and agility are valued. Veronan horses are highly prized for the sport, and in recent decades, Retland has produced a large breed that has excelled at the sport. Though it appears slower, the Retlandsk horses have a much longer stride and a large, rounded jump. For the riders, most of the top level competitors began riding as children and have honed their skills over decades.   The most famous jumping competition is the Summer Equestrian Invitational held in southern Petrek. Only the top riders in each national organization are permitted to compete. Winning the event is the highest achievement possible in the sport. In Astoria, the monarch hosts the Royal Equestrian Festival every autumn at one of the royal residences. It is a two week long event showcasing all the equestrian events, but the afternoon jumping is a highlight for many. The monarch presents the award plaque to the winner of the jumping final.

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