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Once great architects and seafarers, the Metareaus have fallen hard. Their cities have been conquered, trade routes usurped and the Etran government is intent on claiming their achievements as their own. The beginning of their decline was during the SIege of Etikon when the Syrava military blockaded the island for over a year. In a desperate effort to break the siege, a militant group known as the Harbingers set fire to several ships and ran through Galasi slaying innocents in the streets. They wore little clothing and decorated themselves in shellls and dried seahorses. Though the Galasi city guard succeeded in killing all the Harbingers, the image of depraved savages stuck. The Syrava leaders used the attack to turn the siege into a righteous act against uncultured heathens. Those who survived were exiled from their city. Initially, several pockets of Metareaus clung on to old traditions believing that they could reclaim their homeland. Those that tried to reintegrate were shunned to the poorest areas. Many turned to petty crime and prostitution to survive, but that only worsened their reputation. Additionally, the Metareaus worship different gods than the Syravi and speak a slightly different language. Outside of Metopoli, they are barred from the regular school system, from voting, holding public office, and are generally treated as illegal aliens. Often times, if a Metareaus is involved in a crime even as the victim, they will be accused as the wrong-doer. Without legal documents, they are unable to leave Etra. The Warriors of Ikara, despite worshiping one of the Metareaus gods, are actually Syrava. The replica of the Gateway to Heaven in Metopoli was commissioned and owned by the Warriors of Ikara, and none of the money raised goes towards the Metareaus. They despise how their culture and heritage has been stolen from them. Charitable groups often ignore the Metareaus in part because the Etran government has threatened to prosecute anyone who helps them as working with a terrorist group.

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