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Lilith Island Geodes

A unique geode found only on Lilith Moon Island. They contain either Ilmenite, anatase, or a combination of both. It is possible that these exist elsewhere on the planet, but the Talithan's have only deeply explored limited areas of their planet due to technological limitations.


Material Characteristics

The geodes are rocks of various sizes, some only a few centimeters in size, in rare cases geodes as tall as person have been found. When broken open, if not found that way, the crystals inside are normally a dark black in color. Occasionally colorless crystals or a foggy dark gray crystal will appear. The size of the crystals will depend on how much limenite and/or anatase are in them.


The most important element is the limenite and anatase. Both of these substances can be used to derive titanium. Before the minerals were discovered on Lilith Moon Island they were in rare supply. The limits were largely due to limitations on where the Talithans will mine in their goal to preserve the enivornment.

Origin & Source

The Geodes were originally found by smugglers, who had tried to find a way to process the mineral themselves. However, it was very challenging for them to gather the right materials. Then they were caught and the City of Anunitum and City of Pangu worked together to start mining and processing the materials.   There was some controversy when the cities started planning the mining of the material. The island isn't that large and there were worries about harming the unique biome there. Care has been taken to keep the mining deep enough underground that it won't destroy the fuana that lives along the upper ridge of the island.

The geode rock can be any number of colors. The crystals inside are usually black, rarely there are pure colorless anatase crystals.
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