Talirim, the first ring

A world created by J.B Dorman

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Generic article | Aug 18, 2021
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Welcome to Talirim, a world cast in the shadow of the Titan-Minds

  Long ago the people known as the Astrals lived in fear of the all powerful Titan-Minds, a collective of ever-shifting identities with a singular, monstrous goal- to destroy all independent, thinking life. The Astrals, however, would not surrender to these tyrants. Amongst them a young hero would emerge with a gift that would enrage the Titans and swell the will of his people to new heights.   Sar'aan, first of the gods came forth with the power to forge new life. He made machine sentinels known as the Arcai who shared the Astral's elemental mastery. These 4 meter tall golems were used in the first war against the Titans. However the Astral forces would be dashed by the monsters, but this did not matter, they had drawn blood and would no longer cower.   This war would leave an impact on the minds of the Titans as well. Many of them would swell to new levels of hate, however some of these beings were impressed by the courage of the Astrals and the new found power of their leader. One of them would come to Sar'aan in peace in the guise of a woman asking to learn the source of his power, creation. All though suspicious Sar'aan knew he would need allies against the Titans, and offered her some of his knowledge in exchange for her forsaking her allegiance with them.   The Titan agreed, and with her power altered her guise further, adopting it as her new true form. She took a guise similar to the Astrals, albeit tailored to her tastes. She set forth immediately to work toward her own unspoken goal. She saw how Sar'aan loved her people and had known a hole in her heart, a gap created in all unloving Titans. She made for herself the Kiari, the first mortal race. Her time with them was limited, but she loved them nonetheless and made for them immortal sentinels.   After her came one Titan after another, Nios, Gessar, Mayreign and more who would build their own champions and mortal followers. Soon the ranks of the Progenitor Pantheon of gods swelled under Sar'aans command, and their legions grew to compliment each other as the largest fighting force to ever exist. The war with the Titan-Minds had begun anew. Together the gods waged this new war, The Astral Crusades.   This war was not without consequence. Although the power of Sar'aan and his allies only grew the hatred of the Titans had grown to match with every traitor who fled their ranks. The war lasted Millenia until the forces of the gods was whittled down to a dwindling few. The gods realized this was a war that was likely to have no victor. They pitied their creations and set to work forging two rings around the Titan Realms.   The inner Ring they named Talirim, and they divided the lands of it's main continent Tor'Saarn amongst their legions. Beyond it were the moons Kelred and Kelron, the sun, Gandir and surrounding it all was the second ring Dorim, from which the gods could continue their war with the Titans from afar and maintain the barriers to kep the Titans at bay. Soon the Astrals began to shield the fleeing races, their new kin, from the wrath of the Titans as they fled.   They escaped to this new, strange world of day and night. Before the Astrals could join them the Titans cast the gods from the realm in a fit of rage, trapping the Astrals in their realm. Sar'aan however was not content to abandon his people. He and his son, Ravenan made their way home. Sar'aan would save as many Astrals as he could, and Ravenan, a half-breed himself, would save the remaining Demi-Astrals.   Sar'aans goal was completed at the cost of the fleeing Astrals immortality, the price they paid for temporary invisibility toward the Titans. However Ravenan would not be so lucky. He was set upon by Ta'al, leader of the race known as Influencers, temporary allies of the Titans bound by shared hate of the Astrals. The gateway to Tor'Saarn would be disrupted.   Ravenan would not surrender. He fought his hardest, keeping the monster at bay until his people could re-ignite the portal and escape. The new people found themselves in a land devoid of other races, concluding they had been destroyed by the Titans. Believing the gods and mortals alike dead they set themselves to building a new society in honor of the Hero who had sacrificed himself for them, and the new land was called Ravena in honor of Ravenan. To this day they wage war against the Influencers in the name of their dead god.   However they had merely found themselves in the wrong place. Tor'Saarn was now populated by the mortal Races, and their relatives, the humans of the west, had set up their society in Tiorath. Ages passed, the Tiorathan and Felsaedan empires swelled and collapsed under the watch of the distracted gods. The Titans would breach the barrier between the worlds, new pantheons would form and ages passed. The world however, is still young.   New Heroes rise and fall, the gods elect champions to fight in their absence. Talirim is a land of strife, Heroes, Monsters, Tyrants and Kings. Their are still stories to be told, The Titans do not rest and tensions grow between the new pantheons of gods.