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What is Talirim?

Talirim is a fictional world originally created by J.B Dorman who is currently the only active member of the Talirim Worldbuilding Project (however this will not necessarily last forever). The Talirim Worldbuilding Project seeks to build a large-scale and fleshed out world conceptually inspired by traditional epic-scale worldbuilding seen in many older works. The desire that drives the project is to build a new world of the same ambition, however it is not designed to act as an exact mirror to these worlds nor is it a modernization of prior works, instead it is intended to be a unique work that has numerous sources of inspiration.   The stories told as a part of the project will take place in a world of changing alliances, great empires and clashes between the three major pantheons of the world. The presence of the gods is felt strongly across the surface of Talirim, however the threat of the Titan-Minds keeps them busy enough for the mortal races of the world to act largely on their own, for better or worse. The Bulk of written lore in the world will be based on the lands that make up the continent of Tor'Saarn, and it's first 3 ages (beginning with the first 2).  

What Does Talirim offer me?

In the future we hope to re-introduce a number of article from the more archaic phase of Talirim's documentation and from the classic version of Tor'Saarn for your viewing pleasure that will present you with the opportunity to learn about this world that has been crafted with the utmost passion. However these articles are not all that the WorldAnvil page for Talirim has to offer. Over time short stories and perhaps a number of ongoing series will be added so that you may read the world from the perspective of it's denizens as a means of better understanding the world (or simply for your own enjoyment).   Beyond the reading material offered the project aims to offer small homebrew modules for multiple Tabletop Roleplaying systems (although these may take a while) and potentially serve as the primary setting for a new TTRPG (this will certainly take a long while, if it happens at all). Whatever the reason you find yourself here I sincerely hope you enjoy the works contained within Talirim. -J.B Dorman


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