Copyright Information

Opening Statement

This article is an attempt to clear up any potential questions you might have about the use of Talirim's content by third parties. If you have any questions regarding the topic feel free to ask in the comment section of this article. We (or I, for the time being) hope that as this article grows it will make our stance on the use of our copyrighted materials accessible, concise and open to your scrutiny.  

Our Stance on Fan Content

A statement by J.B Dorman~ As the current, full owner of Talirim I am in a position where I have the exclusive right to determine Talirim's stance on fan content, although I am sure almost any potential partner would agree with my position. Fan content is the backbone of fandoms both past and present, and will likely play an even larger role in the futures healthiest fan bases. To attack any result of what can clearly and easily be considered a fan effort serves only to alienate fans and benefits no one, furthermore I believe it to be an immoral act born purely out of an obsessive need to control a fanbase, and I vow to never attempt to knowingly remove any fan content that does not threaten Talirim by hijacking the I.P for purposes outside of what is intended for it.  
What is exempted Fan Content
Although a somewhat nebulous topic at times we hope these criteria will help define whether or not your work is considered 'exempted' fan content (fan content that is automatically considered exempt due to it transparently being a purely fan work). The listed Criteria bellow all contribute to whether or not content is exempt, all of which are designed to encompase what is normally considered fan content. Your content may not meet all criteria, in fact it is likely it won't, but if it fits more than 50% of them it should be fine. If you are still worried feel free to ask, chances are you are 100% fine! Remember, this is not an effort to unnessecarily limit your creative freedom, only to protect Talirim for everyone.   -It doesn't harm Talirim's image significantly such as trying to make it look like we officially take positions we don't. This doesn't mean you can't present your own opinion even if it is contrary to ours, just don't try to mislead people as to our positions.   -It is freely accessible to everyone, however you may allow those who helped fund it to view it up to a week earlier.   -Any funding to make the project is attained by yourself or other fans.   -You do not monetise the project. Sadly we have to assert this as a universal condition with the exception of these listed exemptions. *Artist commissions   *Basic youtube (or alternative platform) monetisation   *You have asked the team behind Talirim beforehand if it is okay to do so. As with all conditions you are exempt with our permission. This condition allows us (or me, again for the time being) to expand on what fans can do without forfeiting our (my) own rights.   If you believe an addition or revision of these conditions is due please, tell us through the bellow comments. We have only begun to try and define how we allow our content to be used and we do not pretend to fully understand every possible circumstance that may occur. These conditions are absolute while written but are subject to change. When you release a fan work it is subject to the rules of when you released it.


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