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Before you stands a lone structure, two partially collapsed stone pillars resting on a circular stone base, engraved with runes from a long dead language. The portal stands alone at the precipice of a barren and windswept cliff, through which the dry basin of a once vast ocean can be seen. The brightening pre-dawn sky above is filled with the wreckage of an immense structure, a ring dotted with dry mounds that appeared to have once been islands drifting in numerous pieces. From time to time small pieces of wreckage fall to the structure you stand upon, burning up in a vibrant orange-red glow. The sun soon begins to peak over the stoney and broken horizon, and in no time at all the burning ball of light is framed by the two pillars.   As the ancient monoliths lap up the suns rays the runes at your feet begin to light up, revealing a spiraling script that climbs the length of the towers. Upon reaching the pinnacle of the two towers the runes seem to leach from the stones, floating free between them. Layer after layer of these letters stack over one another forming an ever-changing script, each time a new configuration appears a new visage can be seen through them. Through the Pillars you see many nights and days, innumerable places and people. You see the cliffs in their full glory, standing proud and green in the sun as the turbulent waters of the Sethrin Sea rage against the land. The image shifts again, this time the frame captures the rainforests of Qianna from above, a colorful flock of birds bursting from the treetops in the afternoon sun.   The portal beckons for you, loose runes drifting slowly towards you. Your mind is filled with faint, half-tangible images as each letter falls to your skin slowly, drifting in the air like ethereal snowflakes. You take one step, then another, and before you know it you pass the threshold. As you cross the threshold the ruined world seems to disappear. You are in the same place, you are sure of it, but the cliff is now laden with a yellow-green grass that flutters in the light breeze. You see the sun setting as it casts the sky in a brilliant orange glow. You smell the salty sea air, and you can hear the roar of the ocean beneath. You step to the cliffs edge, peeking over to finally see the waters of the Sethrin sea with your own eyes. The water is a pristine aqua-blue, and floating weightlessly are a number of ships sailing to a myriad of locations. One in particular catches your eye, a brig with blue-green sails and writing on it's flanks in a silvery script you can't quite make out.   Welcome to Talirim, the places, people and ages laid bare before you, Traveler.  

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