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StoneShell Sea Predators Language


Written by JoshForeman

Hirat set down a bag of powdered beans. “How’s it you’re partners?”   “Our needs met and kissed.”   Hirat backed against the door frame. “That’s vile!” Montee had the same revulsion on his furred face.   “What did I say?”   Hirat choked. “You have sex with a—”   “No!” Bowmark’s revulsion matched theirs. “No! Scolla needs to find a place where spitters don’t yet live so he can expand their civilization. I need a guide. Together, we both get what we need.”   Montee laughed. “Interesting figure of speech. I would not use it again.”

Geographical Distribution

The dialect of the StoneGrove Archipelago is not far removed from the Lacy Island tribes of Sea Predator and Southil. Since both peoples settled the remote Archipelago, they are the furthest west that native speakers live.
Common Phrases
* The current flows like this. (I am about to explain something)   * Into the lava. (A threat or expressing disdain for a person, thing or idea)   * We eat the fish, and then the fish eat us. (A brief homily on the natural cycle and mortality)   * May a tearjaw eat your liver! (Expression of contempt)   * Pretty as a bigfa. (Very ugly)   * Hook a ruthless whale. (Ran into big trouble)   * A hole in the sail is better than a hole in the canoe. (This is a relatively small problem)   * Never trust a noble. (Self explanatory)   * Be good or the Kratchnak will eat you. (Scolding a child)   * From the maw of a tearjaw to the hands of the ruthless whale. (Out of the frying pan, into the fire.)   * Like petting a seadog backwards. (Meaning to show compassion but accidentally causing discomfort, embarrassment, making things worse)   * Under the surf. (A secret)   * You can die as easily falling five strides as you can falling five ropes. (Even minor mishaps can doom you)
Common Unisex Names
Most names are not gendered because they come about through observation of the child's personality, quirks, anecdote, aspiration or accomplishment. When a name combines words they are spoken together and spelled with camel case. Examples: RaiseHim, NineToes, SpinFast, MoonGleam. According to this convention many names would be rendered this way in Common, but because Sea Predator have many compound words this can be confusing. Examples: Bowmark, Sunrise, Rockfall.

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