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Garloon Monument

A half day after that, Bowmark and Scolla approached a small clearing in the forest. Rocks pulled from the ground were set in a ring with branches balanced on them. In the center of the stone ring rose a tower of rocks set one upon another. All the rocks wore mud on one side. Bowmark picked up a pebble and reached toward the tower.   “Do not touch!” screamed Scolla.   Bowmark pulled back. The tower of rocks collapsed. “I didn’t touch it. I was only going to add another rock.”   “That is a garloon construction. You must never touch a pile of rocks or woven twigs in the forest. The garloon do not care if wind or wild animals break their constructions, but humans and tezledeks are forbidden to interfere with the works of the garloons.”   The drawings of garloons in the Atlas had intrigued him.. They appeared somewhat like upright elk with antlers, three-fingered hands and long, long toes. “I hope we will meet with some garloons.”   Scolla wheezed. “If you see a single garloon, do not look him in the eye, or else you will set him off into a murderous rage.”   Bowmark dropped the pebble and vaulted onto the back of the mulig. “So then, I hope we do not meet with some garloons.”

Purpose / Function

Each adolescent male garloon is sent away from the tribe and given three quests to fulfill before they can return. One of these quests is to "make an art" This is typically done last, as to do it well requires a peace of mind that only fulfilling the first two can bring about. These are temporary monuments built for their own sake. Nature reclaims them quickly.


These arts are rarely architectural in nature, and more focused on re-contextualizing natural found objects.
Parent Location

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