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Capacity Madness

Written by JoshForeman

Scolla whined again. “Leave the Capacity Stone for the Crimson Platoon. In the history we know, no one has touched the Stone for more than a few minutes a day. We do not know how it will affect you when you wear it for so long.”   “The effect is I feel great. If you keep complaining, I’ll leave without you. I don’t think I need you anymore.”

Transmission & Vectors

This condition resides on a spectrum and is contracted by touching The Capacity Stone. The longer one has contact with it, the more it affects one's physiology. The Stone brings great benefits through enhancing senses/mental acuity, diminishing pain, increasing strength and endurance as well as faster healing. But these benefits come at a huge cost. It essentially over-clocks the body and mind through adrenaline and other systems, extracting a huge calorie cost and cognitive recovery phase. Most of these symptoms are exacerbated by testosterone, which makes the condition much worse for men.


Because skin contact with The Capacity Stone produces euphoria, people who touch it usually become addicted to it. If contact is minimal the effects of the condition can be maintained indefinitely with little long-term effects.


Capacity Madness symptoms include irritability, restlessness, violent thoughts and outbursts. In it's most extreme form people lose all control and become like feral beasts attacking anyone or anything for no apparent reason. This usually ends in a quick death.


There is no known treatment besides never exposing oneself to the Stone again. Time diminishes the effects, and depending on the amount of exposure, this can take years, assuming one can live that long.


Those who have had only a little contact can be expected to be back to their normal selves a few months after they have stopped touching the Stone. Those with prolonged contact are almost always killed in violent altercations.

Affected Groups

The Crimson Platoon have a strict regimen around the use of The Capacity Stone which minimizes the long term effects. They have evolved elaborate protocols around it's use, learning over generations how to maximize the benefits and minimize the amount of Capacity Madness that ensues.


This condition is only cased by The Capacity Stone which was first introduced to the Megaloth Emperor by an unnamed magician in 2354 A.C.
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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