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Decade Draught

A decade draught is an arcana-infused beverage that is capable of providing supernatural levels of refreshment. The name of the decade draught derives from the fact that drinkers are said to have their thirst quenched so thuroughly that the sensation is akin to having the first drink of cold water after a decade of wandering the desert or being set adrift on a salt sea. The recipe having been lost in the mythic past, bottles of decade draught are now highly sought-after treasures for Triskelen explorers in particular, as some bottles are claimed to lie in dangerous shipwreck sites across the bottom of the Grand Triskele Lake.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

It is unknown if the effects of a decade draught are fundamental to the beverage itself or, alternatively, if it would be the effect of a vessel inset with an arcana focus causing alterations to an otherwise mundane ale or mead. Attempts to create beverages similar to the decade draught have instead yielded potions with varying transmutation effects related to the stimulation or suppression of hunger and thirst - still useful, but not as exciting as the genuine article would be.

Manufacturing process

The process by which new decade draughts can be created remains unknown, as not only are the beverages known of only through mythology, but it isn't clear that they were made by human hands as opposed to being created through the intervention of gods or other mythological beings. Known alchemical infusions with similar effects rely on transmutative and mind-altering magic to function, but the effects of these infusions are more temporary than those suggested in the mythology of the decade draughts.


The search for the decade draughts has inspired countless legendary quests across the Grand Triskele Lake. In Triskelen culture, decade draughts have at various times come to symbolize respite from strife, death (as a form of respite), greed, the favor of the gods, and desire or zeal that may exceed reason. A popular theory suggests that the story of the decade draughts is meant to be allegorical, positing that, for example, the truest 'decade draught' is just the first drink of fresh water after a long period or work or deprivation.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Assuming that decade draughts are real and not the sole province of mythology, there are currently a set number of bottles present in the world of Farforth. The recipe may be rediscovered or granted to an alchemist as a deific boon at some point in the future, but, for now, there is no way to make the true beverage. Immitations, including mundane and magical beverages that use the name as a marketing gimmick, are far more common in the world.

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