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Workshops Make It Better

In the original version of the rules, any Gadgetry Check made outside of a Lab with a sufficiently high rating will have its OV and RV increased by + 2 Column Shifts. Instead of making Labs “more efficient”, this has the effect of making any Gadgeteering outside a formal Laboratory “less efficient”, which is not really in keeping with the spirit of the Adventures Genre.


So let’s do this:


Compare the highest AP rating (of all the planned Abilities for the Gadget) to the Lab rating. If the Lab’s APs are equal or larger, then the OV and RV of the Gadgetry Checks are decreased by -2 Column Shifts. If the Lab rating is less than the highest Ability, or if the Gadgetry is being done outside a formal Lab or Workshop, there’s no innate effect on the difficulty of the Gadgetry Check.


Of course, trying to build a Gadget in adverse conditions may be subject to a situational modifier: building in a dump, or while under fire, or in a place where the only tool available is a hydrospanner, is going to make things more difficult.



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