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Ngao ya Taifa

The Ngao ya Taifa ( "Shield of the Nation" ) is the armed forces of Matumaini formed after Numarini the Wise forged a peace agreement between the warring factions that became the districts of Matumaini.


Their branches include a small standing force of rhinoceros calvary, special operations units called the "Kijani Mbweha", and winged troopers of the "Wanyama wa Jua" or Matumaini air force.


Seeing a need to protect this newfound peace, the Ngao ya Taifa was formed as the military arm of the government a few years after the different factions and tribes had reached a fragile peace agreement.   In modern times, they work in a defense force role to ensure the city and people of Matumaini remain safe from the chaos of the outside world.
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