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Can R'ms'y fix it

Damaged Gadgets must be Repaired. It doesn't do much good to carry a device that doesn't work. Each of a Gadget's Abilities must be repaired separately, with a Dice Action of the Gadgetry Skill as the AV/EV versus the starting AP value of the Ability under repair as the OV/RV. For example, trying to repair a suit of Armor with a Body of 6 but a Current Body Condition of 0 would have an OV/RV of 6, not 0.


If the Ability under repair has been reduced to a negative value, the gadgeteer will have to buy parts to make the Repair. The OV/RV of the Wealth Check necessary to buy the parts is equal to, again, the Ability's starting AP value; those parts must be acquired before the repairs can be made.


It takes just as long to Repair an Ability as it does to install an Ability in a new Gadget. The AV and EV of the Repair attempt can be increased or decreased if the Character conducting repairs is willing to spend more or less time on the effort. The RAPs earned in a Repair attempt equal the number of APs restored to the Ability under Repair, up to its designed level.


Repairing an Ability does not, in and of itself, cost any Hero Points, although the Gadgeteer may of course choose to spend Hero Points to increase his AV or EV.


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