Deeper into the Tomb of Akhentepi Report

General Summary

Just as the explorers finished hauling the historical artifacts back towards the entrance they were joined by Hierophant Altair AL Hazarid.   They made their way back to the Foyer and prepared to head south.   The Chamber of Reflection
Trickster Sol takes point, discovering no traps and the doors unlocked she proceeds inside, sticking to the shadows.   A massive mirror stretches across the southern wall of this chamber, flanked by two statues. The statue to the east depicts a tall, gaunt woman in a flowing, hooded gown, holding an hourglass. The figure to the west is that of a jackal-headed man carrying a scepter or staff in his hand. Stone double doors, standing slightly ajar, lead to the east and west. A third set of double doors exits the room to the north. Torch holders sculpted in the shape of bird skulls are built in each corner, and a thin layer of dust covers every surface.   Archmage Hala when she looked into the mirror saw an image in the likeness of Akhentepi as depicted elsewhere throughout the tomb: a human man with bronzed skin in his forties, wearing white ceremonial robes and a headdress. The reflected images always appear stern and disapproving, regardless of a creature's actual facial expression.   Heirophant Lyndale recognized that the statues were those of Pharasma and Anubis. The statues are masterwork quality and were carved in place. getting them out in one piece will be an issue, but they are worth five hundred gold each.   Sol check both doors discovering neither was trapped. Hala and Lyndale choose to go East while Sol explores down the stairs to the West.   Hala and Lyndale look into the Preparation Chamber
Pillars line the walls of this rectangular chamber, interspersed with stone jackal heads extending from the walls. A stone altar, covered in a layer of dust, sits at the eastern end of the room.   Heirophant Lyndale discerned that the altar is dedicated to the ancient Osirian god Anubis, patron of embalmers and guardian of tombs, and the funerary masks on the walls depict him, the continual flames long burned out.   Inside the chamber a trio of Giant Solifugid's has taken up residence. it was a tough battle, but between Lyndale and Hala with some help from Hierophant Altair AL Hazarid they were able to slay the mutated spiders and burn the webbing away.   The Altar chamber of Anubis is worth 210 gold in its current location. To transport it elsewhere would risk breaking the ancient prayers cast upon it and risk angering Anubis.   Archmage Hala found a bottle with a flashing light inside of it sealed with sovereign glue, next to a bottle of universal solvent. She placed them into the treasure sack for now.   Meanwhile Trickster Sol is poking down the Broken Stairway
A flight of steps gradually descends to the west down this passage. Halfway down the stairs, small holes and burrowed tunnels riddle what remains of the passage's southern wall. Earth and sand have spilled over the collapsed masonry, covering the stairs with dirt and rubble. Stone doors engraved with a golden scarab, its wings open beneath a golden sun, stand at either end of the stairs.   She notices something off with a patch of the sand and creates the illusion of an icy bolder rolling down the stairs. She was right to suspect something, from under the gravel and sand because a Sandling reaches out and attacks the bolder.. of course missing. She runs back up the stairs and runs into Altair, together the two of them make short work of the sandling. They were able to recover an Elemental Earth Core from it, if they can gather more they will be able to infuse themselves with an elemental boon, a core per.   The first four of the explorers gather again at the bottom of the stairs before the great stone doors, which are already slightly ajar.
The Hall of the Soul's Crossing
A tapestry hangs from a frame against the south wall of this large chamber; it depicts an otherworldly vista where the souls of the dead, shepherded by strange beings, enter an ethereal river ambling through space toward a landscape dominated by an impossibly tall spire. Columns sculpted in the shape of Osirian warriors wielding khopeshes stand in all four corners of the room. The floor is tiled in a white spiral pattern on a black background, and this spiral pattern is repeated on the stone double doors to the north, east, and west.   This room serves as a transition from the outer tomb chambers to Akhentepi's final resting place. The northern and western doors were both locked but proved no trouble for Sol to unlock.   They knew from the map that Akhentepi's final resting place was to the north, so chose to head west first.
The Stone Doorway.
  Beyond the door they found a short hallway that narrowed sharply to the west, descending toset of stairs that abruptly ends at a perfectly smooth rock wall with a doorway carved into it.. but no way to activate the doorway.. they didnt have much time to explore the chamber as out of the walls appears a swarm of scarabs, with more coming from a small passage to the north.   They choose to regroup back in the chamber of souls crossing and face the scarabs and beetles in there.   (We pause)

Rewards Granted

Champion's: None yet serve Strength
Tricker's: Sol
Guardian's: Kalaziel not yet recovered
Archmage's: Dhund Hala
Heirophant's: Lyndale Dackery
Marshal's: None yet serve Charisma
  Awarded 1600 XP  

  • Massive Mirror: Enchanted with image of Akhentepi worth 4000 gold.
  • Massive Statue of Pharasma worth 500 gold.
  • Massive Statue of Anubis worth 500 gold.
  • Altar dedicated to Anubis worth 210 gold.
  • Jar with a being made of light sealed inside of it.
  • 1 dose of universal solvent.
  • 1 Earth Core (capable of infusing one person with the element of Earth)
  • Tapestry of the Soul's Crossing with the magical enchantment of preservation upon it worth 4000 gold in the market, perhaps more to the High Priestess.
    New Tomb Treasure Recovered: +9210 Gold
Total Tomb Treasure Recovered: 12903 Gold (3 Build Points with 903 gold remaining)

The Tale of the Mummy's Mask
Report Date
18 Aug 2020


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