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The Tale of the Mummy's Mask

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Tales of Galorian
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Tue 8th December 2020 7:30

The House of Pendaru VI: Into the Crypts

Having defeated the Divs that had taken over the House of Pendaru since it was abandoned. The explorers have all readied themselves outside of the Crypt that Arizona had securely locked. The group prepairs to enter into the ancient crypt, unaware of exactly what awaits them within.. other then they are assuming Mummies.

Tue 18th August 2020 19:00 Into the Tomb of Akhentepi

The Heroes have explored four more chambers and faced dangers from the past.   Reinforcements have arrived to aid the explorers!

Fri 7th August 2020 0:00 Deeper into the Tomb of Akhentepi

The first three of the heroes have pressed successfully into the first eight chambers of Akhentepi's tomb, braving ancient traps and darkness to recover a golden chariot, and do battle with the first of his tomb guardians.   They have decided to press farther in to the south and see what mysteries lie deeper within.

Tue 28th July 2020 19:00 A Tale of The Mummy's Mask

Mythical Beings have incarnated within the city of Wati to perhaps make a change within the sands of Osirion.   The adventure begins in the city of Wati, where the Asp and Crook Rivers converge to form the River Sphinx in southeastern Osirion. The Heroes should already be present in Wati and be acquainted with one another, with an interest in exploring the tombs of Wati's necropolis . With the necropolis opened by royal decree , the priests of the local temple of Pharasma, the Grand Mausoleum, have been tasked with assigning sites ready for exploration to adventuring companies in a lottery. The adventure assumes that the PCs have already formed an adventuring party and have registered for this lottery with the priesthood of the Grand Mausoleum.   Registering is not difficult; there are no background checks or special fees or requirements. A priest simply records the name of the group and the names of its members, and gives them a token that they should present when the group receives its first assignment at the lottery's opening ceremony.