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Caroline's Bloody Tarts

Caroline's Bloody Tarts; a colloquial name given to the all female body guard to Her Majesty Queen Caroline by the male dominated British Military is a unit of six highly trained women who are tasked with defending the life of Her Majesty.   Their true name is the rather boring; Special Women's Detachment, Special Air Service.   The six individuals are comprised of a Team Commander, A heavy weapons Officer, A communications Officer, A vehicle driver, and two close combat specialists who act as physical body shields to Her Majesty.   Each member is required to have a minimal of two years prior military service and to be able to pass the rigorous training and selection process. One might think that these women would be kitted out with cyberware and bioware, however, they are given minimal implants to maintain an aura of discretion and civility. Must not scare any diplomats.   >>> Matrix Logon <<<   >>> Stumpy <<< People should respect these girls.   >>> Mister Black <<< Shut your mouth, your hypocrisy is pathetic.   >>> Jacen <<< What's up in his cornflakes?   >>> Paisley <<< Interesting, lacking a magic contingent.   >>> She who walks with Spider <<< *stares at Paisley*   The training process is comprised of three segments. A physical requirement that places emphasis on endurance and being able to handle physical pain and discomfort. A mental component that insures the applicant cannot be broken mentally or emotionally. Then there is a strong social skills element that places the applicants in distressed social situations to train them not to make diplomatic blunders.   >>> Marmalade <<< Teach them not to be clubbing whores is what they mean.   The identities of the six team members are a state secret. It is only known from the few photographs were they have been seen that the team comprises four humans, an elf and an orc.   >>> Creeeper Jeeper <<< I bet the elf is one of the close body contact specialists. Oh yeah, let me get close to her.


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Dec 19, 2023 20:12 by Marc Zipper

Interesting unit and love the commentary from people from your world

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