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The champions of the dark are often lost to history, even when they make the rare sacrifice for the greater good. Aneall and Gosric are no exception. Their tale was buried, burned, and forgotten in the mist. But fragments of their story survived as legends.   These champions of the Mistress of Midnight and the Silver Tongued Deceiver worked together for one fateful battle to defeat Envy in the Til-Gathien forest. Aneall carried Dusk. This corrupted staff and artifact of the Mistress was once her father's prize Dawn, the Morning Lord’s original gift to his followers. It was a temptation Envy could not resist, and bait Aneall used reluctantly to draw out the Ancient.   According to the legend, Aneall died in the battle and only Gosric, champion of the Silver Tongued Deceiver, knew the location of the fallen staff. Centuries later, a descendant of Gosric would unintentionally guide members of the Order of the Silver Chain to Aneall’s tomb. This last champion of the Deceiver managed to convince the Premiere’s ancient order of treasure hunters to leave the staff alone and the tomb at rest. They did, however, create a map.   This cryptic map and legend have made their rounds amongst adventuring circles over the centuries, but the artifact Dusk has never appeared. It is said the Mistress of Midnight intended it as a key to opening the Arc of Midnight; that her champions have never stopped their search for the staff so it can rejoin Rien and bring darkness to the world.

Manufacturing process

Sunlight and corruption


World ending
Item type
Weapon, Melee
1.5m long
Raw materials & Components
Solid darkness

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