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Second Dwarf Generation

They had been walking for hours and not found the ends of the halls yet. By now Goronid Kerhokkand, Kerho for short, was beginnnig to suspect foul play, that he had stumbled over a runetrap that kept him in a looping illusion.
He turned to his pet bear Robho, idly stroking his neck. "Who do you think has made these halls, Robho?" And that was the real question. Who could have made it. Kerho doubted that it was one of the other folk of the world. But the remaining option, dwarves, made even less sense. In all his years of study, he had memorised all dwarvish settlements in this part of the world, including the ones from before the extinction, and a settlement this size would no doubt have left at least traces of its existence if not direct mention. So the question was: Who had made it?
Kerho took the time to mark his passing on a column that rose into the air, its top end obscured by darkness his torch failed to pierce. Then he heard strong, heavy footsteps. Footsteps to even too heavy to be dwarven. He whistled a command and Robho quickly wandered to his side. Then he emerged from the shadow.
Even though it could not be, Kerho instinctively recognized the walking statue as his kin. "How?", he breathed. The statue did not reply. "I thought that all of the first generation were dead." With a cracking sound, the statues mouth opened, likely for the first time in milennia. "They are.", it spoke with a smooth baritone voice, "As I can tell, I am the last. I knew you would come here eventually. I am grateful to finally see the fruits of my work."
"I dont understand.", Kerho asked, "If you are the last, then who helped you build these halls? And why did you build them." The ancient rock paused before finally answering: "None did. It was all me. I carved these halls from the rock. It was all my hands. I did not need help, though I'd have welcomed company. All I needed was time, aeons of it. And that I had."

  The Dwarves, called Starfallen by the Orcs, are the creation of the Stargods. More specifically they are the second species to bear the title dwarf after the First Dwarf Generation went extinct.   The future does not bode well for the Dwarves. Click here to learn what awaits their species.
The Second Dwarven generation will face an extinction of their own, from the Myconic Plague. To prevent it, they will transform themselves into the third Dwarven Generation, Beings of Clay.

Beings of Rock

  The Dwarves are stout creatures, who quite literally have rock in their bones. Their skeleton is reinforced by hard stone, making their bones much more durable than that of other species. In general, Dwarves are the hardiest of all species, durable and reliable.   This article is currently under construction, I will come back to it in the new year.   Like the Information about dwarves? You can check out the other sapient species in the Primer

Basic Information


Dwarves are humanoid beings with four limbs, two arms and two legs. They have a wider and lower build than orcs or humans and can easily build muscle. Dwarven heads are known for their thick bulky, skulls and wide, strong jaws.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dwarves were designed by the Stargods by taking inspiration from humans. They have two sexes which reproduce via the fertilisation of an egg which the female carries for a gestation period of 21 months. Dwarves can sometimes have twins, but any more children per pregnancy cannot carry to term due to the space the embryo needs to develop.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dwarves mature slowly before and after birth, taking an additional thirty years to reach maturity after being born. Afterwards though, dwarves enjoy a long period of adult life, which can range anywhere from three to four hundred years. The senior years are typically few in numbers. Once the body starts deteriorating aging is quick and many dwarves die about a decade afterwards.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dwarves eat at least

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dwarves possess two eyes adapted to low levels of light. Their noses are about as accurate as human ones, but Dwarves possess an excellent sense of location. Their brains are hardwired to understand the layout of rooms from the sounds and echoes and their chest can create clicking sounds with frequencies lower than human hearing, which their ear can pick up for a rudimentary form of echolocation.
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