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Orc sled

"Hold on little toad man! We are going to get you to Tai'san. One way or another"
— the orcish guide speaking to Sahmiran during their escape down the Razortooth Mountains.
The infamous orc sleds of the Norian Orcs are their preferred mode of travel for longer distances in high altitudes. The sled is a part of orcish culture in the Razorcrest and Razortooth Mountains. It is usually pulled by 8 dogs at a time, which can pull the weight of the sled and anything inside even up steep inclines.   But these modes are besides the point for the Orcs. The real fun begins when its time to go downhill. Then the sled is converted, with the dogs sitting in specially fitted and tailored pockets in the center of the sled surrounded by the cargo. The orcs fasten the dogs to the sled and give the sled a weak push in the right direction until gravity takes over. From then on out it is up to the skill of the driver, luck and fate to determine if the sled makes it down in one piece.   The driver has an adjustable rudder, by which they can slightly nudge the sled in one or the other direction, but this adjustment is limited. The sled goes where it wants to go.   Let the pull of the ground carry you to your doom friend! Life is too short to just walk down the mountain. Feel the freezing air rush around you. Glory to Tai'San! Its good to be an orc on this fine summer day!

Power Generation

Feeding the sled dogs


Either sled dogs or gravity, depending on the direction of travel. Orcish sled dogs can pull up to 90 kg each with 8 dogs per sled being the most common.

Weapons & Armament

Whatever the orc in question wants to carry

Armor and defense

None, the priority is speed.

Communication Tools & Systems

Shouting (viable outside snowstorms)
Image source: Mountain Joyride by Ninodonlord via Midjourney
The quick way down (orcs), Insane idea (others)
Generally not for sale, homebuilt
Multiple per tribe
5 to 8 m
about 1 m
around 60 kg, the more weight is left for passenger and cargo, the better
around 10 kph normally, up to 130 kph down hill
Complement / Crew
One to two drivers, who can take shifts
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
any combination that does not exceed weight capacity (around 240 kg)

Cover image: Mountain joyride (via Midjourney)


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Sage nnie
Annie Stein
11 Dec, 2022 20:45

Oh man, this is just some good fun. This article is really charming, and it's nice to see the orcs in a bit of a different light than they're usually shown in. I love the quotes!

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Creator of Solaris -— Come Explore! | Worldember
12 Dec, 2022 02:49

Thanks so much for your praise :) The quote is actually part of the really big story cycle I eventually want to write in this world. That story will essentially be inverse LotR: Returning a ring to the master of the orcs to stop others from destroying it. But that is super far off for now ^^

Yours truly, Nino.
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Starfarer Theta
27 Dec, 2022 22:12

Need to stay ahead of my hunters and all I've got is this thing in front of me. No idea how this thing works, but as a sled it should do for going downhill fast. Well, no better time to learn than by doing! - Nemo, World Traveler

21 Jan, 2023 09:01

It feels like an orc wrote this, and that is meant as the highest of compliments. As tools, vehicles reflect culture. This article takes the core structure of World Anvil an just let's the orc answer the questions (ie. Power Generation: Feeding the sled dogs). I also love that the dogs have their own seats. Orcs get a bad reputation but who else is giving their dogs allocated seats?

21 Jan, 2023 17:04

It is the highest praise I can imagine for this article, so thank you :) I had a lot of fun with this one ^^

Yours truly, Nino.
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