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Tree Place

Tree Place is a residential district for those of Tree Ntúazí (totems), this overgrown region within town matching well with their preferred surrounds. There are more clans within the Tree land type than in any of the others (i.e. Swamp, Rock, or River), and consequently, more family dwellings here than in other spiritual máchˈbac areas of Sonchihilic. The names in this small grove are also among the most established families across Tree lands, including the Ké (Monkey), Súb (Deer), Tés (Rabbit), Míˈshír and ˈrámǘn (Dog), ˈrálchích (Skunk), and Mós (Snake). The house of Mós is not affiliated with the house of ˈyö́báb, which the mayor, Dánˈsö́má, and his extended family - also of the Snake - belong to; despite their totemic association, the bitter rivalry that exists between the two is something of an open secret.

Residential District in the City of Sonchihilic

HEZDEL:ˈyólgóbac ˈséüv


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