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Berythian alchemy is a distinct branch of the ancient alchemical tradition, deeply rooted in the mystical culture and beliefs of the Berythian Order. Alchemists in Berythian Tradition are a dedicated group of practitioners who serve mages and the magical community by tending to their needs, creating potions, and supporting their magical endeavors as personal physicians of a kind.   The Berythian alchemist is regarded with a mix of respect and ambivalence within the magical hierarchy. While some mages recognize the vital role of alchemists and value their contributions, others perceive them as inferior or merely supporting cast members in the grand theater of magic.   Berythian Alchemists lack the autonomy of forming their own independent organization and operate strictly under the oversight of the Circle of Masters. Alchemists are assigned to specific mages or magical institutions, acting as caretakers and facilitators of their magical practices. Their duties encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including preparing potions, maintaining records, conducting experiments, and ensuring the well-being of the mages they serve.   An alchemist’s primary focus lies in the interaction between The Apparatus - a mysterious and complex structure differentiating mages from ordinary humans - and the magical energies that flow through it. They seek to understand, preserve, and enhance the Apparatus, employing a variety of techniques such as distillation, calcination, fermentation, coagulation, and separation.  
Above: Illustration depicting the alchemist's basic equipment.
From 'The Apparatus', by Xygiam the Wise.
  The procurement of ingredients for alchemical purposes involves a combination of garden cultivation, contractual arrangements with local lords, and sometimes even clandestine acquisition to ensure an adequate supply of rare and essential substances.   Alchemists are bound by a set of strict rules and regulations governing their conduct and adherence to ethical standards. Violations can range from minor infractions, such as misplacing ingredients, to more serious transgressions like selling secrets or potions. Consequences for failing to observe these rules may vary, ranging from reprimands and temporary suspensions to permanent expulsion from the alchemical order.   Alchemical knowledge and wisdom are recorded in the seminal text called "The Apparatus," authored by Xygiam the Wise. This comprehensive tome covers various aspects of alchemical practice, including the philosophical and spiritual dimensions of the craft, the methods and techniques employed, the relationship between the Apparatus and the natural world, and the alchemist's role in the service of magic.   Thus Berythian alchemy represents a unique blend of practicality, mystical insight, and dedicated service to the magical community. Alchemists, while not holding the same status as mages, play a crucial role in supporting and amplifying the magical endeavors of their superiors, utilizing their deep understanding of the Apparatus and the intricate workings of alchemical processes.


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