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Tala-ni'alni the god of Light and Life

Original god Tala-ni'alni (a.k.a. Light and Life) (Any)

Tala-ni'alni a divine being born from the cosmos to walk the planes of the universe sprouting light and life to places without it. A god was born and from his very being sprang life among the dying stars of the Geltar System. While Tala-ni'alni was not the first god, he was the first to take interest in the mortal plane. When ariving however, he found himself face-to-face with another being of his caliber. A being who introduced himself as Khabris the keeper of Death. He had then explained to Tala-ni'alni that he had only taken form as soon as Tala-ni'alni stepped into this plane. Once a void plane of nothing now a plane where two of the most powerful beings having a pleasant conversation.   Tala-ni'alni then decided to make a deal with this Khabris figure. The First Contract. A deal to judge fairly and reasonably for the mortals to come in this plane of existance. Khabris was nothing less than a gentleman about the idea. Thus life sprang forth. First Tala-ni'alni began piecing himself off and throwing them deep into the black void that was space. A bit of life here and there. Billions and billions of lightyears away into the expanse of nothingness yet to be filled. Sprouting from the combined powers of the two figures the Elder gods were born. Six total, Time, Nature, Stars, Seas, Order and Chaos. The two approved of these new beings and promised them their own place to rule over. Thus the first planet Baltharos was born.   Tala-ni'alni with confirmation from Khabris went on from that System of planets to form a new one of his own. He knew Khabris would uphold that end of the galaxy and now he had his own to create. Planet after planet a total of 5 were made. And more gods sprouted from Tala-ni'alni's life force. However, something was off about the final planet. No vegetation, little life and no water. An anomoly.   Tala-ni'alni was the first intelligent being to walk the dry-dusty surface of Crater, or at that point in time Anomoly-5. An unknown planet that had been ostricisted by the other planets in the Geltar System due to the lack of intelligent life and lack of natural resources. This fact did not stop Tala-ni'alni from his own curiosity. Despite being the creator he was still unsure of his own limits of his power. His curiosity led him to crash down upon the surface creating this massive crater and discovering the most precious find of all, Bhama. Named after a combination of the Elder god of Stars Bothos and the Elder goddess of the seas Kava. A starry pristine gem at the center of Tala-ni'alni's landing was sticking out. When touched by the god water came pouring out in droves. Filling the base of the crater and thus bringing hope to a desolete planet.   Tala-ni'alni did not stop there. He then began to feed the planet with his divine power and aid the small insects inhabiting the planet already. The snakes and birds as well. Helping them enchance and evolve to intelligent races such as Lizardfolk and Dragonborn. Seeing the success humans had on Baltharos Tala-ni'alni tired to replicate what Khabris had brought to the planet. However, it seems the harsh conditions of the planet did not agree with the biological structre of a normal human. So after numerous testing there was one human who stood taller than others. One human who managed to defy the odds and live despite the conplications. Through her sharp mind and critical thinking was able to create, with the help of Bhama, a working breath regulator her name, Oblair Renimen. After seeing this amazing feat Tala-ni'alni granted her with some of his divine power and thus named the human race of Crater after her, Oblairians.   Tala-ni'alni then went on to evolve the first inhabitants of Crater to an intellectual level. Paying homage to their home he rightfully named then Cratierians. And seeing the potential of technology pieced part of his very essance off to spawn a new race of his likeness the Tala-ni.
Neutral Good
Current Status
Governing the Geltar system
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
No skin
god form: infinite Mortal form: 5'0"
Founded Settlements

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