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The Archipelago Gun - 16. Moon

The firing of the Archipelago Gun was never meant to happen. A strange idea, built in a time of military development where any idea seemed appropriate when it came to defending Humanity's domains. The Moon of Cadanax, in orbit around Temper, became a testing ground and staging area. Here, an archipelago of islands was used to develop an accelerator.
The deep-sea cannon hidden beneath the waves slowly rose, the massive pressure doors opening to allow the gun forward. Sea water flooded the base to prepare for its role as coolant. When in position, its enormous barrel in line to fire straight down the middle of the archipelago that gave the weapon its name. The gun's hatch-like barrel cap unclasped and swung down. Thud, BOOM. The initial detonation under the sea floor rocked the very foundations of the Moon's surface. The subsequent rush of the enormous projectile and escaping gasses exploding from the barrel at massive speeds. The accelerator action of the islands pushing the shell forward with ever-increasing velocity.
Breaching atmosphere, arching with gravity as predicted, the round slammed into the target ship in high-anchor. Doing as it was designed to, the starship's hull imploded from the impact - only to explode outwards as the shell detonated microseconds after shattering through several meters of armoured superstructure. Another Salusian vessel downed in symphony with the Temperine chant of war.


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