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Diving up to forty meters down to the ocean floor and cutting aisles into the underwater forest consisting of Nieblev, being a Niebleik (old talian dialect for Nieblev cutter) is a dangerous and hard profession. As the plant grows only in The Blue Bay, this task is mostly performed by locals who grew up near the cove. As the magical gear required becomes sparse, less and less of the seaweed cutters exist.


Since the paths near the bigger towns are already cleared, the cutters only work for a few months in the summer of every year, cutting down everything that grew back. They usually work in pairs of three and start out on small boats which can sail through the forest, as those haven't gotten as much draught as bigger trading or military ships. Using mostly old gear two of the niebleik dive for up to fifty minutes in one go, being secured with a rope to the boat, and try to fell as many of the underwater trees as possible. The third one stays on the boat and keeps it steady, alerting the divers to come up in time by pulling on the securing rope.
After a nieblev is cut down, the stems mostly start to float on the surface of the sea. Fastened with ropes, they are carted off to the mainland, where the trunks are dried and then used for firewood.


Most of the gear used by the niebleik was magically produced and enhanced a few millennia ago during the height of the talian empire and is, even in spite of its enchantments, worn down. As it is difficult, expensive and a long process to manufacture new diving gear, less and less is available due to breakdowns and malfunctions. Rarely new gear is made, and only on orders of the lords of Tam or Rashor so the cutters can continue to protect their trade routes.
The gear used by the divers consists of a magical light armor which keeps the wearer warm in the water and allows him to breath in fresh air for up to one hour. Also a special saw is used to cut down the trees, which works better under water and doesn't rust. Lastly the ropes used to secure the niebleik to their home are enhanced to not break down in the water and to keep steady in spite of streams or other disturbances.


Being a niebleik, while it is well payed, poses many dangers.
  • Gear failure: While it doesn't happen often, sometimes even the best magical gear can break down. Being forty meters under the ocean surface and suddenly having no more air to breath usually kills the diver, as only the most athletic one can make to swim to the top with out drowning.
  • Animals: As the blue bay is well populated with fish and other animals of all kinds, naturally not all of them are friendly to a diver coming into their territory. While the niebleik are armed with knives and other blunt weapons, sometimes this is not enough to fend off an angry shark.
  • Storms: A storm on the open water can be deadly to a group of divers going about their business, as the small boats used are easily picked up and destroyed by waves and winds. Normally the niebleik don't go onto the water unless the sky is clear, but sometimes a summer storm can emerge faster than even the most skilled can react.

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