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The Shields

"It's so dumb, though. They all have the same power. How can you back each other up if you literally only do the same thing? It takes one villain to figure out their weakness and they're all screwed."
"Which is why they only go in as support for other teams."
"So why don't they just join those other teams?"
"Because it's a tradition. Please stop."
  Having the ability to shield things with one's mind is a relatively common secondary ability. Operating either as a bonus effect of something like telekinesis, or as one of a repertoire of spells, or simply one of a number of powers that one has, this is a thing that a lot of people can do. It's not special if this is the only thing you can do, it's lame.   E/N: Nope. Try again. Too mean.   The Shields is a superhero team composed of people who can literally only do one thing, no exceptions. It's a moderately useful thing, at least, but as soon as someone figures out that they have no other way to do anything then they're screwed. They're so boring and uncreative.   E/N: They're a respected support team that's backed up hundreds of crucial missions. They know their job, and they do it effectively and without hesitation. So what if they don't really go off-script? They're nice.   Fine.   The Shields team is a respected unit that operates globally, consisting of people whose only ability is to craft shields of some kind. Their tactics focus on supporting and protecting the civilians around them, leaving the more battle-focused teams to shift to the offense.   I personally find them sanctimonious and boring, and every time I have gotten into a conversation with one of them I have left annoyed.   But they are kind of useful. As long as you leave someone with them to cover their obvious tactical shortcomings.


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