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Double January: Day 9 - Sharp

(See Author's Note: Double January for background information)  

January 9th - Take 1

  For the most part during this retelling I have attempted to phrase the first attempt at each day as it was when I went through it. Unaware of what my future self was doing, I blithely continued on with my plan to raid the lab. The fact that it was related to the Epoch Society didn't become relevant until several years later, and a lot of the missing items I attributed to a poor organizational system and the fact that my foster parents/minions kept hiding the really dangerous things from me (like neurotoxins and nuclear bombs and the Star Wars movies).   It's almost embarrassing how much I let slip. An entire warehouse worth of robotics scraps vanished, and half my supply of realistic medieval-style weapons. But then again, I wasn't the sharpest villain at this point in my career. And besides, I was deep in the throes of figuring out the solution to my exit plan.  

January 9th - Take 2

  I took advantage of my lack of supervision and stole a bunch of sharp objects from some dangerous people who thought me suprrisingly cute. And then I took what I needed from myself because I wasn't making good use of it, and I would need the parts if I was going to find a good solution to getting out of the lab in the end.


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