Vault of the Jade Key

Players will learn the laws of the Omniverse and bring the Jade key into play (Grant the players a few magic items in the process)

Plot points/Scenes

The Jartkiir issues a contract and a map to the party. the offer is that in exchange for the Jade Key in a Nomosian ruin called the Warden's Watch the party will be granted salvage to any additional treasure they find in addition to 100 GP and a selection of magic items. The party encounters various threats on the way to the ruin. Once they arrive at the Warden's Watch they find that another party has already arrived at the sight and is searching the ruin. There are four chambers in the vault past the entryway each separated by an antechamber, the central chamber, a northern chamber, eastern chamber, and southern chamber. Each of the cardinal chambers houses a different mechanical apparatus. If the players can negotiate with the other search party and figure out the devices they may make it back to their contact in the Jartkiir with the Jade Key.



At the conclusion of their venture into Engleher the party is approached by a representative of the Jartkiir . He offers them a map, and 200 GP in exchange for an item at the map's location. The party will be free to prepare for the trip ahead of Time. The vault has fallen 6-8 days journey East of Razahd In route to the site, the party will encounter rival factions and other threats along the way.

Alternate Patrons

other organizations are also interested in Aquireing the Jade Key; before taking the quest it's important not to reveal the competition for the key. if the players are unlikely to be swayed by the Jartkiir you can use the other organizations to hook the party. Rival factions are also encounter options to use on the search for the vault.
  • Ker'sed Order- The Cult of Mother necessity claims the vault as a holy site of their matron.
  • Drill Lodge- This Khababari Mercenary organization has been hired to secure the artifact for an unidentified patron

Overland Encounters

  • Ker'sed Order- The Cult of Mother Necessity claims the vault as a holy site of their matron.
  • Drill Lodge- This Khababari Mercenary organization has been hired to secure the artifact for an unidentified patron.
  • Feisev- The Undead Wardens of Vrur will likely rise to meet any threat on the steppe. Warden of Vrur
    Wight Warden Lvl 2 Moderate Encounter
    Feisev Warden Wight Undead 4 4
    Uncommon Black Medium UndeadWight

    Zealous guardians of Forgotten Homesteads, and land grants intended to cull the untamed Vrur Steppe, warden wights were bound in a necromantic vow to defend the Vrur Margave from lawless invaders. Thier vows are recorded in Necril etchings on their Gaffs that served as symbols of their office. Particularly proud and ambitious royals and landowners sought out officers to transform into warden wights to guard their lands for all time.   As guardians of the margrave, warden wights are supernaturally bound to the armaments they wore during the administration of their vow. They can spread their necromantic powers into the weapons they wield. A strike from a warden wight's gaff channels life from the victim into the wight.   Recall Knowledge - Khababar : DC 21
    Perception Expert , Darkvision
    Languages Common, Necril
    Skills Athletics Expert , Intimidation Expert , Religion Expert , Stealth Expert

    STR +4 , DEX +2 , CON +4 , INT +1 , WIS +3 , CHA +3

    Items Wight's Gaff, studded leather armor
    AC 20
    Saving Throws Fort +12, Ref +10, Will +11
    HP67 - Immunities death effects, disease, paralyzed, poison, unconscious
    Speed 25 ft
    Melee Wight's Gaff +14 +9 / +4 (Trip, versatile P), Damage slashing plus drain life claw +14 +10 / +6 (agile), Damage slashing plus drain life  
    Special Abilities
    • Final Spite Trigger The warden wight is reduced to 0 Hit Points; Effect The cairn wight makes a Strike before being destroyed. It doesn't gain any temporary HP from drain life on this Strike.
    • Wight Spawn (divine, necromancy) A living humanoid slain by a the wight's gaff or claw strike rises as a spawned wight after 1d4 rounds. This spawned wight is under the command of the wight that killed it. It doesn't have drain life or wight spawn and is clumsy 2 for as long as it is a spawned wight. If its creator dies, the spawned wight becomes a full-fledged, autonomous wight; it regains its free will, gains drain life and wight spawn, and is no longer clumsy.
    • Drain Life (divine, necromancy) When the warden wight damages a living creature with a melee Strike, using an unarmed attack or its bound weapon, the cairn wight gains 5 temporary Hit Points and the creature must succeed at a DC 18 Fortitude save or become drained 1. Further damage dealt by the cairn wraith increases the drained condition value by 1 on a failed save, to a maximum of drained 4.
  • Funereal Dirge(auditory, divine, emotion, fear, mental, necromancy) The cairn wight chants a low, haunting melody. Living creatures within 50 feet must attempt a DC 21 Will save. The cairn wight can't chant a new Funereal Dirge for 1d4 rounds . Critical Success The creature is unaffected SuccessThe creature is frightened 1. Failure The creature is frightened 2. Critical Failure The creature is frightened 2 and takes a –2 status penalty to saving throws against drain life.
  • Cairn Wight Dirges
    Unlike a typical wight, cairn wights have an unusual affinity for music. The lyrics of their dirges often contain a valuable bit of knowledge or long-lost lore, possibly the greatest treasure a cairn wight guards. There are even brave souls who seek out the creatures to listen to their songs in hopes of finding profit from the dry, rasping words.
  • Kakesh Tribe - Gorvag has sent a vision to his priests of an Orcish mother in chains, in a prison at the foot of the Ironforge Mountains. Brute Squad War Pack
    War Pack Lvl 2 Severe Encounter
    Bag of Holding I, Demon Mask; Crushing Greatclub, Hag Eye; Invisibility Potion Stupor Poison, Snapleaf, Thunderstone, Black Adder Venom, Flare Snare 120 gp 30 gp
  • Ngigh Hovel- The Home of a Cyclopean Hunter- Lv 2 Severe Encounter
    Cyclopean Hunter Creature 5
    Uncommon Lawful Evil Large GiantHumanoid
    The cyclopes are violent giants with a tragic past. Although they possess only one eye, they could once see far more than most, possessing occult wisdom and divinatory magic that gave them the mystic ability of foresight. But their legendary oracular powers failed to prevent the fall of their society, and the vast kingdoms of the cyclops long ago collapsed into ruin. Today, cyclopes have forgotten much of what they once knew, and they skulk among the crumbling remains of their fallen cities like forgotten kings and queens gone mad.
    Perception Expert Low Light Vision
    Languages Common, Cyclops, Jotun
    Skills Athletics Trained , Fortune-Telling Lore Legendary , Intimidation Master , Survival Expert
    STR +5 , DEX -1 , CON +2 , INT +0 , WIS +3 , CHA -1
    Items greataxe, heavy crossbow (10 bolts), hide armor
    AC 21
    Saving Throws Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +12
    Speed 30ft
    Melee greataxe +14 [ +9 / +4 ] (reach 10 feet, sweep), Damage slashing   Swipe Two Actions (flourish) The cyclops makes a melee Strike and compares the attack roll result to the AC of up to two foes, each of whom must be within its melee reach and adjacent to each other. Roll damage only once and apply it to each creature hit. A Swipe counts as two attacks for the cyclops’s multiple attack penalty.
    Ranged heavy crossbow +8 [ +3 / -2 ] (range increment 120 feet, reload 2), Damage piercing
    Special Abilities Ferocity Reaction Flash of Insight Free Action
    • (divination, occult, fortune)
    • Frequency once per day
    • Trigger The cyclops is about to roll a d20.
    • Effect The cyclops peers into an occluded spectrum of possible futures. It gets a success (but not a critical success) on the roll instead of rolling.
    Loot: Heaped Among Dismembered body parts bones and torn clothing the party can find the following items if they search the hovel DC15 Seek
    • Critical Success: You Find all of the Loot and 106 GP
    • Success: You Find 1 Lvl 3; 2 Lvl 2 permanent Items; 2 Lvl 3, one Lvl 2; and 2 Lvl 1 Consumable Items and 70 GP
    • Failure: You Find 1 Lvl 2 permanent Item; 1 Lvl 3, and 1 Lvl 1 Consumable Item and 20 GP
    • Critical Failure: You Find Nothing
    Infiltator Picks, Thieves Tools The Expedition of Yusuf Wanya, Yusef's Writ of Authenticity, Silver Rapier, Low Grade, Bottled Lightning, Moderate, Healing Potion, Lesser, Belladonna, Instant Spy, Tindertwig, Snake Oil


As the party approaches the Warden's Watch the see a brilliant white horse in a war saddle foraging near the entrance of the Watch. Inside the entryway, there are fresh torches (they are set throughout the complex). further in they can hear a commanding voice directing an unseen party. be careful not to disturb the Automatons; they are the Warden's servants. If we are going to find the key I suppose we should spread out. Auldus you take the southern chamber. Rath you get us through the east, Hobort you have the north, I will continue to investigate here. Inside the central chamber, there is a large bronze eagle perched above the entryway and ten foot round pillar with a tall fair-skinned, blond-haired knight leaning on it. He has pristine half-plate armor, He carries a large highly polished mace and a shield decorated with a silver ringed cross accented with red circles. the room is well lit and Aragon, the Paladin will get a +4 bonus to detect characters sneaking in from the entrance. He will greet any non-monstrous humanoid that enters the main chamber. he will welcome any assistance they have to offer as long as they understand all of the loot will be split except the key that he must return to Niole Dra.
Plot type
Dungeon Crawl
Parent Plot
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