Kakesh Tribe

Ururhak Tribe in the foothills of the Ironforge Mountains.

Kakesh Tribe

Tribal Leadership

  • Chieftain- Barard Tornclaw¬†
  • Saxchu
  • Elder
  • Warchiefs
  • Sherel
  • Rohli-Jakk Tornclaw was a son to Cheiftain Barad Tornclaw
  • High Shaman
  • Skrugtu
  • Rouser
  • Yeshed
  • Chief Scout -
  • Traqov:
  • Hunter Chiefs
  • Hostages-
Geopolitical, Tribe
Head of State
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Teeth (Small, Normal, Large) roughly equates to cp, sp, and gp. The Traqov facilitates currency exchange for the tribes guests.
Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Related Plots


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