Tonga (Ton-gah)

Impressive animals, with a bite that can snap an arm right off…
— Danrion Ritomo Uave
The tonga is a freshwater reptile most often found in the valley river and river delta regions. Though rare in the northern lands, they can be found living in the spring-fed warm river valley waters there. This species is more common in the south, where the temperatures are warmer and better suited for the animal.

A Revered Animal

Tonga are a key facet of many cultures. For some, like the Spirulii cirians, they are hunted for meat and their hide. In others, they are revered, considered the embodiment of a protector and guardian.

Basic Information


Tongas are an amphibious reptile, with shimmering dark purple and violet scales with a long, thick, triple ridge along its spine. It has a tail, short claws on its feet, and a triangular-shaped head.
Out of any portion of its anatomy, the teeth are the most fascinating part. A tonga contains a triple ridge of teeth in their gums. This is to provide them with a constant replacement in case one is lost during hunting or combat against a threat.
Second to that would be the tail. While it tapes out long and is the primary means through which the animal propels its way through the water, it serves another function. A tonga will use its tail in self-defense. If threatened, a tonga will use its tail as a weighted whip or battering club to hammer the threat into submission.
200 years
Average Weight
303 pounds ( 137.5 kg )
Average Length
14 ft ( 4.3 m )

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