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Summerdark Tales of an Antique Land

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Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show -- A Wandering Traveler

The Betrayer War came to a deadly end. Pact Iron forces had overrun the dark fortress of Oz Malid and defeated the Gorgon Lord Yir’vass. His Dread Scourge, legions of skarn tribal warriors, had vanished into the Wraith Swamps beyond the Blue Mountains.
It was the bloody end of the Third Age, and the start to the Age of Rising Light. Also called the Fourth Age of Summerdark.
It’s been fifteen years since the fall of Oz Malid and the defeat of Yir’vass. The Free Peoples have breathed a well-earned sigh of relief. Cities have rebuilt and trade renewed. The Free Peoples of Summerdark looked to what was beyond the known lands with curiosity and hope.
But the Dark Fire of the Shadow Council still burns in the Midnight Forge of Oz Malid. Quiet whispers tell of lights in the ancient fortress. That the Gorgon Lord wasn’t destroyed but imprisoned. He looks to lose his chains, escape his prison and infect his evil on the world. To scour the land and make himself master of Summerdark to reshape it according to his dark designs…
Summerdark is a land seen through the eyes of those that travel through it. There is magic, beasts, history, and ruins scattered over lands fresh from a Long Night that tried to extinguish hope. Each traveler across those lands is different, and so is their story. Together they form the tapestry that is Summerdark.
This is a place for solo journaling, solo and group RPG play, and more using resources such as:
  • One Page Solo Engine by Inflatable Studios
  • The Pit Dive 0e system by Marshall Hiatt (Jackledead)
  • Village Witch by Eliot Silvarian
  • Apothecaria by Blackwell Games