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Ze'i's present

The descendants of Ze'i's manticores have made quite the impact upon Abarnis. Not only are they used for the Spiked hunters to travel with and fight alongside in battle. These creatures have also given Ze'i's presents also known as manticore spikes.   There are a variety of uses for this material. It can be used for rituals, (farming)tools, to make robust furniture, however they are most commonly used to craft weapons. These weapons aren't easy to make so they are usually reserved for the Spiked hunters or some of the more trusted warriors of Abarnis.


Material Characteristics

The material is very akin to bones in its colouration, though it is much stronger than any humanoid bone. It's texture at the base is fractured as if ripped off, the further towards the point the fracture lines smoothen out into a very sharp and eligent point.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The material itself is quite strong from the moments of its creation from the manticore. It has a property to mix very well with poisons, though it is weak to acid, which is a double edged sword. The weakness to acid allows it to be manufactored into all kinds of weapons the Spiked hunters/warrior require, the big negative is that if the weapon comes into contact with acid from a creature during battle there is a good likelyhood that it will dissolve right in the heat of battle.

History & Usage


As the years have gone by the usefulness of this material has only increased as the people of abarnis figured out more uses for this material.

Manufacturing & Products

The process to make something more out of it is quite difficult. The people who work with this material are called: core smiths. They use the acid from the Scalva watered down to create the right amount of potency for each different kind of engraving and melting. Over the course of centries the process has been getting better, less manticore spikes are wasted though more importantly Scalva's acid is used more effectively.

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