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Ozlo Krunkto

Ozlo stands at the typical height for a goblin, with wiry limbs and sharp features. His dark, beady eyes are always alert, and his pointy ears twitch with curiosity. Ozlo's attire is a mix of dark, practical clothing, adorned with pockets and concealed compartments to carry his ill-gotten gains.  

Rumors and Intrigues:

Ozlo's Stolen Cache:
Rumors circulate that Ozlo has a secret cache of stolen treasures hidden away from the prying eyes of both The Tyrant's Eye and his goblin peers. The nature and extent of this stash are a subject of much speculation.   Mysterious Origins:
Little is known about Ozlo's life before joining The Tyrant's Eye. Whispers suggest that his past is intertwined with dark secrets, possibly involving powerful magical artifacts or ancient curses.   Ozlo Krunkto's presence within The Tyrant's Eye adds an element of cunning and agility to the organization's repertoire. His skills in thievery and information gathering make him a valuable asset in the shadowy maneuvers orchestrated by Qulocto Mengraven.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Skills and Abilities:

Stealth and Infiltration:
Ozlo excels in stealth and infiltration, able to move silently and blend into the shadows with ease. His small stature and nimble movements make him adept at slipping past guards and security measures.   Lockpicking and Traps:
A skilled lockpicker, Ozlo can navigate intricate locks and disarm traps with proficiency. His knowledge of mechanisms and security measures makes him a valuable asset in covert operations.   Sleight of Hand:
Ozlo's fingers move with incredible dexterity, allowing him to pick pockets, snatch objects, and manipulate small items without detection. His sleight of hand is a crucial skill when acquiring information or retrieving valuable artifacts.   Information Gathering:
Ozlo has a talent for gathering information, whether by eavesdropping, spying, or exploiting the vulnerabilities of others. His keen senses and ability to blend into crowds make him an effective gatherer of intelligence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ozlo Krunkto is a goblin thief known for his nimble fingers, quick wit, and knack for slipping through the shadows unnoticed. While originally a mischievous street urchin, Ozlo's life took a turn when he crossed paths with Qulocto Mengraven, the enigmatic Eye Tyrant leading The Tyrant's Eye. Now, Ozlo serves as a trusted agent for Qulocto, employing his skills in thievery and subterfuge to further the mysterious goals of The Tyrant's Eye.


Role in The Tyrant's Eye:

As a trusted operative within The Tyrant's Eye, Ozlo is often dispatched on missions that require subtlety, finesse, and an expert thief's touch. Whether it involves stealing crucial documents, infiltrating secure locations, or acquiring magical artifacts, Ozlo plays a pivotal role in advancing the organization's agenda.

Morality & Philosophy

Alignment and Loyalty:

While Ozlo may have started his career as a common street thief, his alignment has shifted towards a more neutral or pragmatic stance since joining forces with Qulocto Mengraven. His loyalty to The Tyrant's Eye is strong, driven by a mix of fear, admiration, and the allure of the mysterious power wielded by his enigmatic benefactor.

Personality Characteristics


Ozlo's motivations are twofold. Firstly, a desire for survival and personal gain drives him to excel in his thieving skills. Secondly, a sense of loyalty and fear towards Qulocto Mengraven compels him to serve the interests of The Tyrant's Eye. Ozlo understands that aligning himself with such a powerful and secretive entity provides both opportunities and risks.

A well known goblin criminal. Is the best 'Getter' in the city. Has a girl he's fond of at Geeba's.

Character Location
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Current Location
2500 2510 10 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by one of The Misfits (Myte)
Place of Death
Dark Red, Large, Squinty
Brown, Short, Scruffy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark Green
Aligned Organization

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