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Chloe Rouge

Chloe Rouge (a.k.a. The Two-Tone Bard)

Chloe is a vibrant and charismatic woman with a flair for dramatic fashion. Her snow white hair hangs in tight curls down her shoulders, and she has a mischievous twinkle in her grey eyes. She favours stylish and brightly coloured clothing adorned with trinkets and accessories that catch the eye. Whether on the stage or the street, Chloe always carries an air of confidence.   Her performances are a mix of theatrical flair and genuine emotion, captivating audiences wherever she goes. Chloe is known for her quick wit, infectious laughter, and the ability to turn any situation into a lively celebration. While her chaotic nature might lead her to act impulsively, Chloe's heart is in the right place. She values freedom, individuality, and the power of art to inspire change. Chloe is a staunch advocate for creative expression and believes that everyone has a story worth telling.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Slender and fit. Missing her left leg below the knee. Has virtiligo.

Body Features

Virtiligo covering most of her body.

Identifying Characteristics

Her tightly curled white hair and two-toned skin.

Physical quirks

She will often stamp her false leg against the ground, as though adjusting it or perhaps something else.

Special abilities

Inspire Courage: Chloe can inspire courage in her allies, providing a bonus to their attack and damage rolls.
Eldritch Muse: Chloe taps into eldritch power through her performances, gaining access to additional spells and abilities.
Derring-Do: Chloe's daring exploits and dramatic flair grant her bonuses on Acrobatics checks and Reflex saves.

Apparel & Accessories

Colourful attire, stylish and eye-catching clothing that reflects Chloe's personality.

Specialized Equipment

Masterwork Violin, gifted to her by her father before she left the caravan, she has taken remarkably good care of it over the years.   Prosthetic leg, made of intricately carved cherry wood to help her walk.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born into a family of travelling performers, Chloe grew up immersed in the world of entertainment. She inherited a natural talent for music, song, and storytelling from her family, and further developed them as she grew.   It did not take long for Chloe to desire to travel on her own, leaving the caravan at fourteen years old to explore the world on her own. She travelled the length and breadth of Eagos in that time, until an unfortunate accident saw her lose one of her legs. Now she resides in Havenport, performing and telling stories in Inns and Taverns and teaching at the Havenport Adventurers Guild to earn coin.


Chloe started as a traveling Bard before she lost her leg and settled down in Havenport. Now she performs at the many Inns and Taverns of the city, as well as teaching at the Havenport Adventurers Guild as a Senior Member.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Calmed a raging wyvern with her song.

Mental Trauma

Losing her leg and thus ability to easily travel weighs heavily on Chloe, though she seldom lets it show.
Current Location
Year of Birth
2471 39 Years old
Current Residence
Havenport Adventurers Guild Dormitories
Curly, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown with Virtiligo
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Everyone has a story worth telling, so tell me yours."
Aligned Organization

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