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Álmos Laskaris

Elder of Defense (a.k.a. The Lady of Blind Justice)

Known as "The Lady of Blind Justice", Álmos is a Half-Elf born and raised by a middle-class family inside the walls of Havenport.   From a young age, Álmos showed prowess in blades and fighting, and joined the Havenport Guard as soon as she was of age. It did not take long for her to rise through the ranks and attain the position of General, being known for her ruthlessness towards criminals and ne-er-do-wells, as well as her caring nature towards victims.   She was afflicted by a disease in her later life that robbed her of her eye sight, though that didn't stop her from continuing to work, until she was eventually given the position of representative of the military forces on The Havenport Conglomerate.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

White hair with a black streak in the fringe.

Apparel & Accessories

A black eye covering worn over her eyes at all times.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Álmos Laskaris was born the child of two Half-Elves, a seamstress and a cobbler, and grew up in a lower middle-class family. She idolised the city guard, and began training witht he blade from a young age. Where most children would play games of heroes and adventurers, she would only ever join in when they played Guards and Thieves, always taking the role of a guard, even if the other children protested.   Once she reacheed the age of sixteen, the minimun age required to join the Havenport Guard, she did so immediately, passing the training with flying colours and joining their ranks. She was quickly promoted due to a combination of her zeal and accomplishments, raising up to the rank of General in only ten short years.   Unfortunately, she came down with an illness at the age of thirty-nine, one which ultimately robbed her of her eye sight, and was unofficially retired from the Guard. Only a few short years later, she was offered the position of representative for the Havenport Guard on the council of The Havenport Conglomerate, a position she happily accepted. Now she strives to help rule the city in the most fair and just way she can, all the while ensuring the safety and prosperity of Havenport's citizens.

Personality Characteristics


Álmos only wishes to keep Havenport safe, from both external and internal threats.


Contacts & Relations

Álmos has various contacts within the Havenport Guard and other military factions.
Lawful Lawful
Current Status
Current Location
Year of Birth
2458 52 Years old
Current Residence
The Keep
Lonag, sleek and white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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