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Episode 10: The End of Prelude

General Summary

The explosion of light was one and the same type of explosive effect caused by a Wish spell. Upon questioning the Gaevrn Force soldiers, the Vanguards learned that the soldiers were ordered to station hundreds of these devices across the capitol to repel the invasion. They do not know any of the details behind the machines besides following orders.   Before they could ask anymore, Tieflings appeared and the Vanguards were caught in the middle between two antagonist parties; both threatening to shoot each other if the other don't lower their weapons. After some gentle pursuassion, the Vanguards managed to convinced the two parties not to fight as there are bigger things to focus on.   The Tieflings were impressed with how sociable the Vanguards were, and the leader introduced himself as Mantra. He tells them that they came to help on behest of Bakr-Koratash. Joshua inquired if he was familiar with Jason, which Mantra replies that he's heard tales of the man and was given the virtue name Hatred. When asking for more information, Mantra offered a deal. If the Tieflings ever get in trouble with the people in Buulta, that the Vanguards will publicly defend them. The vanguards accept the proposal before parting ways.   The group went to locate a safe area to revive Silas, upon which Joshua parted from the group to help the Gaevrn Force with survivors and city repairs. The majority of the group continued to the Buultan Gran cathedral- which had now been turned to ruins from the attack. Finding a stable enough room within the desecrated cathedral to perform the ritual, Iliren and Novel took watch as Masami began the necromancy ritual.  

A Meeting with Death

  The Queen of Death was an emboldening figure, and much larger than Masami. Upon demanding for Silas, the man in question was brought it. Unfortunately, Silas had lost his memories of Masami and their time together. But one thing that remained true was his convictions.   The two informed the Queen of Death about the events happening in Stellarium, and how it's connected to the events in Dollurh. How Varius is responsible for bringing about this "End" to everything. Returning Silas would help in stopping The End.   However, the Queen's haughty attitude did not take kindly to their demands. The threats they speak of is beyond mortal comprehension, and there is no guarantee that they will even succeed in their task. She informs them both that Dolurrh has been starved for souls for hundreds of years.  
Before, the souls would flow like water into Dolurrh. Then something happened thousands of years ago, and that stream of souls became a trinkle. Now, the souls have stopped arriving all together. This goes beyond the events of the mortal plane.   The gates of Dollurh are closed and needs to be opened on both sides; the living and the dead. And someone has made certain that I can not find my gate.
— The Queen of Death
  Masami and Silas were given an ultimatum. Either, Masami offers 3 items of the Queen's choosing, or Silas will be leased 3 months of life until they open the Gates of Dollurh. They attempted to barter for a longer time frame, but ultimately insulted the Queen's integrity and prowess. Masami paid the queen in her items, and after signing a contract, Silas was allowed to return to the land of the living until The End.  

The Final Days

  The city was in ruins, and Joshua put his efforts in locating survivors and clearing fallen debris of skyscrapers. With the help of his large gummy bear companion to lift heavy objects, and his ghost dog to detect life nearby, he was able to help the Gaevern Force clear out the immediate area surrounding Kings Tower. Turning it into a safe haven for tratement and rest   The rest of the party soon reunited with the halfing. Silas needed to recover and Novel ultimately looked after him as the rest of the party went to help with the recovery process of the city. Masami provided as much healing and medical attention as possible, while Iliren helped with scouting the area, delivering information between posts while communications were down. They were able to save 80% of lives in the area through their hard work and dedication.   Upon resting, the group were invited to a meeting held by the nobles in King's Tower. The idea was to trade information about what happened to have a better understanding on the next steps. The meeting participants were Bakr-Koratash, The Champion, Virion Pendragon, Jasmine, a comatosed Jason Nicholais, Miwa of the Three Rings, Ondrel Cinderbreeze, Red Death, and Altin Gaevrn.  

A Radient Citidel

  After sharing information, the Vanguards learned the following:  
  • All Teleportation circles have been destroyed.
  • All Banks have been destroyed. What credits people have on person is what they have.
  • Lycanthropark is destroyed, all inflicted residents have escaped due to the Broken Claw.
  • The Great Noble Families were slaughtered by a Balor
  • The Aasimar Circle was were slaughtered in the attack.
  • Joshua's Dream of Koratash walking to King's tower did not happen in reality.
  If anything, one thing was certain; Stellarium would collapse on itself with so many catastrophic events happenening. The plane wil eat itself alive. There are no allies to be found here.   Bakr Koratash begs the Vanguards to use their airship to travel the stars in search of allies. To bring back the moons to bring back balance to the world. If they can't do this, then no one can.   The Vanguards accept the task.   Weeks later they were taken to the old home of Nirvana, once a desertted town- now a jungle-like enviroment underneath the astral tear in the sky. Redubbed as the Radiant Citedel, it will surve as their stronghold for the unforseeable future.  

How will the Vanguards overcome such depair?   Which plane will they choose first?   And how can they revive the moons?   Find out in the next episode of Vanguards of Serenity!
Report Date
15 Jul 2022

Episode Run Time:
Approx. 4 hours   Characters Met:
Bakr-Koratash Nicholais (Human Man)
Jasmine (Silver Dragon Woman)
The Champion (???)
Mantra (Tiefling Man)
Miwa of the Three Rings (Beastkin woman)
Ondrel Cinderbreeze (Human woman)
Virion Pendragon (Elf Man)
Jason Nicholais (Human Man)
Red Death (Tiefling Man)
Altin Gaevrn (Human Man)
Vantra (Shadar-Kai Woman)
Queen of Death (???)

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