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EPW - Chapter 7 : Strange Return


Hel'Ios reappeared in the Niddhog not far from the group, Xia seeing Hel coming back to take him in her arms, Nyon remains crossed arms reflecting while Emel is still unconscious and Nera begins to wake up, but can do almost nothing apart try to mumble, and move his head from left to right, with what seems a great pain   Hel'Ios closes her eyes during her mother's embrace and then opens them again at the end of her embrace, discreetly throwing the necklace on a wall of the Niddhogg, which absorbs it.   Hel'Ios, laughing slightly at a half-sleeping Vale: "You're going to have to be subtle next time, Vale. Sird didn't like those tons of metal in his mouth, clearly."   Meanwhile Emelgiblis "wakes up" two beams coming out of these eyes one white with a turquoise background, the other with a cyan beam with a golden background, the latter head towards Arcquenciel and take everyone in its vicinity and bring them back. While Xia was going to talk to Hel, the others are brought back, although a little confused Nyon is just surprised, Xia doesn't seem to be.   Arcquenciel: "Emelgiblis?"   Vlad is still on the ground, the hole in his leg filled with a translucent green jelly   The beams tighten near Nera forming a shield and then return to Emel, who speaks in Dalenei language "Protect... there they come" he turns to Hel'Ios "Necklace...use...then again to Arcquenciel "Stone, Ny...on..." The psi strokes return to Emel, who falls back into the vapes, his energy almost extinguished, whereas 2 massive energies can be felt by the people that can feel Energy.   Arcquenciel, speaking in Dalenei: "What the hell is this bullshit!? Since when do kharises speak Dalenei?"   Xia looks at Arcquenciel "It's not the first time this has happened you have an idea?" Nyon looks at Xia "And you don't tell me about it? On the other hand, I heard my name, am I wrong?" Leblanc witnessed this, powerless   Arcquenciel, speaking in common more surprised than anything else: "It's Dalenei... Why would he speak in Dalenei, especially as a Kharis for no apparent reason? There's someone next door who's not Emelgiblis."   Vlad faints because of the teleportation of massive energy teleports on them, but cannot pass through because of the Niddhogg Nyon smells it "Zhar...Hel'Ios...What did he say?"   Hel'Ios: "Nothing but an enemy other than himself."   Nyon asks Arcquenciel "Let him come... I have an idea" he takes out these blades and prepares his Grimmis armor much more reddish than the others Xia asks him "Any idea?" Nyon looks at her "What he said may have been true and we probably didn't believe him, Arcquenciel is preparing to destroy him if he makes an inappropriate gesture"   Arcquenciel, while the pore of the Niddhogg next to the group opens: "Not something changing."   Nera's eyes open both of them, her nascent Indium gives way to her eyes a silhouette in front of her like a reddish hologram and larger than a sun, a vessel approaching, between two a much smaller silhouette which faces her but which then pronounces with great pain "Zhar..." then she begins to regain consciousness disoriented, these eyes returning to normal, going through a little golden shine at the same time. Nyon analyses the hologram "Zhar in the face of this? It's not the one I knew" a Dalenei sentence says "Change...Unity, Survival, Keys..."   Nyon sees Nera waking up and helping her to stand up, then he looks at Arcquenciel "Can you use the Flux to transmit energy?"   Vlad starts to get to know each other again   Arcquenciel, his head immersed in his thoughts and his right eye as before in an icy blue: "No. My abilities in the Flux are limited to a raw use of it."   Nera who doesn't understand what's going on tries to stand up straight. "What's that on my hands?" What's going on? What's going on? Oh hello, Nyon..."   Nyon puts it on a place where she can sit and understand what's going on, Nyon replies, "I think there's a problem...Arcquenciel, do you feel their energies? What the hell is this?" Xia looks down "Zhar hasn't changed, it doesn't make sense, it's not him..." Meanwhile a small ball-shaped object flies and heads towards the Niddhogg"   Vlad wakes up and realizing that he is not alone, asks in a weak voice "Where am I?", but will be ignored.   Hel'Ios: "This kind of threat Zhar was talking about? If it includes himself and Magiinaa it's stupid."   "If it was Magiinaa, that's for sure, but what about? He talked to you, what did I miss?" Nera then look at Emelgiblis and talks back "What did we miss?"   Vlad having regained his mind gets up and asks in a much louder voice "Excuse me but where are we?"   Hel'Ios, taking back his Conthium on a wall: Inside my Niddhogg."   Vlad: "But I know you, don't I? And what's a Niddhogg?" Vlad seems really confused.   Nera doesn't care what others say and sees the Indium on her hands and face "What's that? Who put this on me is not funny!"   Vale sighs with a smile: "Did you try to take it off without touching it?"   Nera "Huh? What do you say, the metal man?"   Vale, getting up: "From what I understood from Thisme there's a chance you're the same kind as me."   Nera "That... I master metal like you?"   Vale: "If you really are the Telistis of the Indium, then I congratulate you for being born at the same time as the death of the former Telistis of the Indium, or so it seems."   Nera looks at Vale "Wait, you're.. you were human, and besides you tell me that I' you?"   Vale: "Not a subject I would like to develop for the first fact. For the second, except that I have way more years of experience and you are not immortal in the face of time."   Nera "Interesting for the 1st, but everyone is subject to the time to answer the second..."   Vale: "Not among the Prias or Aferchites, in whom the cells do not degrade, unlike the lambdas and the Kharis. Moreover, for the Telistis, of the few data we have, the maximum expectation does not exceed 500 to 700 years in very good conditions. Very few of them arrive, often killed by combat."   Nera "I don't know how I should react to the fact that I'm going to live 500 years, but to reassure you I already knew about the Aferchites, living not far from them is quite constraining, see you. Otherwise, who can give me a heads-up on what's going on?" She's looking at Arcquenciel " know something?"   "A Niddhogg is a gigantic Prias creature that serves as a living interstellar huge transport ship. As for me, I am the one who knocked you out and brought you back here." Hel'Ios, looking at Vlad answers simply.   Vlad: "Oh and why is that?   Arcquenciel: "Apart from the fact that you had to be protected for an obscure reason as well as Zhar' accompanied by an unknown Magiinaa power approaching, nothing special."   Vlad: "Oh and why is that?   Arcquenciel: "Apart from the fact that you had to be protected for an obscure reason as well as Zhar' accompanied by an unknown Magiina power approaching, nothing special."   Hel'Ios: "Intrigued by the fact that a human can produce Magiinaa."   Vlad: "Magiinaa?"   Arcquenciel: "Which allowed you to get out of the hut from which you were locked."   Xia and Nyon observe Vlad and the latter continues "I've seen you before, but where?"   Vlad: "Ah but actually I don't remember it was not me while being me so it's complicated so could you explain to me what Magiinaa is if you don't mind? "   Everyone looks at Arcquenciel, Nera and Emelgiblis, which seems much less exhausted than before   Arcquenciel: "An energy that can be channeled from within."   Vlad: "Yes, now I remember that Ternima told me about it"   Nera looks at Arcquenciel then Vlad "Okay, interesting subject, but can you tell me what else I missed? I heard about the son of a bitch... so good."   Hel'Ios: "In addition to the fact that I suffered a terrible pain for more than 2 hours, and that I was able to observe the insane power of the Grimmis of Zhar... Mm... Nothing special. Oh yes, the fact that he doesn't look behind people's backs."   Nera: "What do you mean by that?"   Vlad: "Uh, what are you talking about?"   Hel'Ios: "Simply that Pok'Rias can pass through Sû'Grâan at will from now on. Otherwise, my dear human user of Magiinaa, you will stay here for a long time. It would be silly not to take advantage of this specificity."   Nera thinks, "Hence the fact that your cape is gone?..."   Vlad: "If I can help you but... I'd like to keep walking around the universe pretty quickly see you"   Hel'Ios details with his red eyes Vlad ; the left one with the yellow circle of a Chronium eye.   Hel'Ios: " Wandering in the universe? As it stands now, walking around with these kinds of abilities in nature is more dangerous for you than anything else."   "I want to believe you but it's a little bit my life to explore and find old ruins, relics and after that it still allowed me to get this power and a new friend in my head" Vlad laughs   Nera suddenly seems interested and descends from her small height from which she was sitting "It all depends on what kind of ruin or relics" she then crosses her arms watching Vlad sort of asking him "Ask quick and well".   "The ruins, and the relics are diverse it can go from the history of a people to the artifacts possessing magical powers or curses like the ruins I visited recently"   "Description of the ruins?"   "What do you mean by description of the ruins? What it looks like?"   Arcquenciel, out of his reflection with his icy light blue eye resuming a yellow-Flux hue cuts down the discussion "Ternima you said mh?... One of the former Praetors Kharis, the 23rd if I don't say stupid things..."   Meanwhile, Emelgiblis can be heard slowly regaining consciousness.

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