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Aescere Hast

The Aescere Hast is a world-scale ship, which has been originally created as a "portable/moving hub of trading" by rich Pure Kharises. Deviated from the Celestial Aerk and Aerk Polydore models it evolved into a place we can compare to a space moving citadel, until its destruction on 2289.  


  The Aescere Hast is a huge ship made of an hull separated into a defensive one made of 5 gigantic and huge Polyplates themselves made of detailed, numerous and smaller Polyplates. This "external" hull is made to absorb a huge amount of energy, as well to be used as an extremely efficient protection against most space threat, including meteors, comets, wastes.. But also a powerful way to impress possible adversaries, since it has millions of Psi weapons per "wing".   On another side, the "internal" part is made of 5 thick others structures, floating around a gigantic platform on 3 major levels, each one being inhabited and used : Economically, Culturally and Agriculturally.  

External Aspect

  Aerk Polydores are large, heavily armored Pure Kharises transporters originally made for trading and big loads through the planets. When constructing this ship, the Cortes Kharises craftsmen/architect meticulously husked its construction, then shaped high-density alloys of Aluminium, Silica, Magnesium and Chrome into thick curved plates. Then, before reinforcing the entire internal side of wings using extreme temperatures to remove any structural imperfections which could compromise their strength. Afterwards, the alloy is subject to a complex surface treatment that involves gaseous Sodium, Strontore and Antimoine in addition to building a complex architecture behind the big cast plates made of carbon fiber and glass, doing by the way a huge and amazing light spectacle upon activations. The resulting hull plates are clearly not easily breached, and are used as a new trademark for the Polyplates, the Cortes Plates.  

Internal Building

  This impressing mega structure is hard to describe without exhausting the vocabulary of synonyms of "big". All inside is immensity. A scale unequalled from the military history of the world. Military only, because the Fortress of Forge which is even bigger is a true place of transition of resources as well to be a human equivalent of the Wisdom Pinnacle, massive places of Knowledge.   Cortes commanders have private quarters in the back space of the Aescere Hast, which is overwhelming a gigantic bridge of more than 26 kilometers, when assembled with all others parts form a length of 33km. Connected to the hangar on the back and lowest floor, is an automated manufacturing plant that produces and aliment hundreds drones similar to the Hurikane, used to do trading with ships who don't want to coast inside the Aescere Hast. Cortes engineers and some merchants on the platform work together in the plant, where they launch operations of trading and change assets of the Scrapper Pads.   With his hundreds of thousands different weapons and a true Pure Kharis fleet inside : 58 squadrons of warships, including no more than 25 groups of 70 customized Manticores, Yorhas, and no more than 16 Hurikanes !
Entry of one of the 216 hangars (AH)
— Entry of one of 216 hangars of the Aescere Hast that can be rented.


  The Aescere was built in order to make the exange towards the planets easier, as the pirates were always a problem to the merchants, the Aescere was created to be the ultimate merchant ship, big enough to transport any kind of merchandises, and capable of enduring any kind of assaults, the defenses of this ship were supposed to make it a safe place for merchants to work there, and it became. The project was at first to make the first city in space made by the Kharis wich was supposed to attract a lot of rich people to live in there, but as the project got developped, new purposes were found to the Aescere, such as :
  • Merchant ship
  • Establishing new incomes from space business
  • Creating a mobile space station
  The Aescere quickly became a new symbol of wealth and power for the Pure Kharis, more precisly, to the Cortes Company which created the ship. Originally made to gather customers, it evolved and also brings a new wind to the trading in the sector, as the ship moves periodically it created a movement desired of merchant convoy, lowering the constant income of every cities a bit, but increasing their annual revenue. As there is more and more merchants, it increased the total output for the ships solds too, creating new jobs, and reducing the unployed people, it gave a massive boost to the global economy as it encouraged the cration of new small enterprises as well as the employees directly on the ship  

Tax on Trading

  To perfectly exploit the fact that they are working on the peripheries of the Paranis and not neuralgic center allows easily Cortes to have a huge tax on the High-Tech sells to their foreigner customers, who for most don't have exact price list of recent technologies, or simply can't correctly estimate. Also, since they are on the peripheral zone, they allow people to have extremely low tax of 4% (except fuel which is 0%) on their raw products, since some of it are pretty valuable for industrial brands but also allow a good growth of these zones. For all other type of trades, Cortes takes a tax of 7.5%, 3.5% less than regular and merchants employed by Pure Kharises states.    



Birth of the Project

During year 2048, to compete, rivalize with other scientists he's friend with, Verti'Go-Ra started to imagine a self-sustaining scientist ship. Associated with Ki'Lim, he started to write in a different way than Arn'Aloï and Zirak'Alador(person), 2 others "adventurers" he used to work with what will be the true premises of the plans of the Aescere Hast.   These plans, they drawn them as something extremely based on Aerk Polydore who was already on service, but in a smaller way, and able to handle without problem -excepted for the fuel- 30 years of needs for 4 persons : Water, food, energy. He finally sold his idea to a merchant he was in good terms, since he had to go on a departure on 2087, which will be his last trip..  

Aescere Hast - Verti
— Drawings of the first Aescere Hast by Verti'Go-Ra and Ki'Lim
Cut of Aescere Hast first idea
— The very first ideas Karedo'Lim, father of Ki'Lim and one of the founders of Cortes when Verti and his son shown him their work.

Development of the Project

[Basically, Karedo and Cortes developped the project to a point that it evolved from a space station project to the actual massive worldship]
Prototype Hull of AH
— One of the first part which emerged for the true Aescere Hast built.

Landing Bay of Drones
— One of the Drone Bays of the Aescere Hast, opened for a link with Lepiree

Population :

• 1 155 468 permanent inhabitants, for enough place to host 10 000 000 persons (estimated) -> This population increase by ~86% when tournaments of the AETL happens.

Mainly Represented Jobs

  • 249 566 Crew Members and Engineers
  • 227 163 Merchants
  • 91 568 Artillerymen
  • 12 685 Infantries
  • 7 165 Pilots
  • The rest are administration, material handlers, medical staff, or simply inhabitants.



Estimated value of the Spaceship :

  • Materials Used for Build : 656 440 221 375 Cronas
  • Infrastructures Post-Construction (Except Stadiums) : 414 122 960 Cronas
  • The 4 majors stadium of Aetennis : 102 065 436 Cronas

Public Balance of the Spaceship

• +9 346 626,9 Cronas per month
  • Hosting the AETL : +360 000 000 per year (Average of +30 000 000/Month)
  • Average income on tax on tradings : +23 137 036 Cronas per month.
  • Hangar places : +1 150 450 Cronas per month
  • Average Fuel Selling (All) : +986 453 Cronas per month
  • Average Recycled Buying and Selling : +759 789,9 Cronas per month
  • Fuel Buying (Grenidium) : -3 000 000 Cronas per month
  • Salaries : -18 687 130 Cronas per month
  • Organization and Fees of the AETL : -300 000 000 Cronas per year average(Average of -25 000 000/Month)

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3 Jul, 2018 13:26

What an incredible sounding ship! It's a little hard to grasp the sheer size of it (though that's because I'm bad at numbers >n< ). I would love to see maybe like... Blueprints or something, just to add flavour and show people how huge it is visually as well : D   Great job though, it's really developed, especially with the taxes and all the job offers!!

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I love the sidebar detailing specific numbers on the ship (jobs, value of the ship) and the description of the externals of the ship. The details make me feel how it could be real (even if it's not). I would like to know more about the origins of project itself. I hope you continue developing it soon! C:

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Very detailed! I like that this is a now destroyed ship, has a bigger better tradeport cousin out there, and is primarily a military vessel. Hits all the boxes for me wanting to know more about your world!

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