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Jayir Berries

"I have been traveling the desert for weeks and my supplies are running low. I have had to make do with these very juicy berries I have found. They have started to stain my lips purple but I think I will live. Also important note, my mouth is now stuck shut"   -Excerpt from a journal by a J. Waylan


Material Characteristics

Olive shaded berry's hanging from gnarled and leafless bushes. The insides of the berry are gooey purple guts with dark green seeds bunched together in the center. The bush itself looks like a lifeless dried out husk and clings to any solid surface it can find amid the shifting sands.

Geology & Geography

They are prominently found in the Kesh Wastelands but they are found in most deserts across Stelair.

History & Usage


The berries properties were discovered by the original Kelshin nomads who wandered the wastes. They used it to fashion sleds from the bushes branches and covering the bottom with the paste. Once it had collected enough sand on its bottom the sleds move fairly easily over the sandy dunes.

Everyday use

The berries can be mashed into a gooey paste which acts as a powerful and heat resistance adhesive. The compound solidifies minutes after it becomes mixed with small grains of material like sand or gravel. The actual plant has little use other then growing the berries, however it does not grow any more of its fruits once they have been picked from its branches.

Industrial Use

The berry goop is used in a number of adhesive compounds to supplement it, but it works best alone and is used as a very effective on hand glue. Sand sailors in the Kelsh Wastelands keep them on hand for on the fly repairs during travel. However because of its heat resistant properties it is used in the construction of some of the more delicate components of clockwork constructs.


Trade & Market

While it can be found it most deserts across the world the Kelsh are very experienced with its properties and actually know how to grow the bushes in farms. Because of this they export literal tons of the useful little berries. Many of which find their way to the Gnomelands and the frontier continent of Molor.
The Kelsh's monopoly over the supply has caused the prices to become inflated to a a silver a berry.
They are very common. you would be hard pressed to find a general store that can't at least procure them.