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Shasyalish Dà̃mo

Translating as Seven-Star Cards, shasyalish dà̃mo is a popular game throughout the east coast. The game is used to teach to elemental affinties of magic to children and is a fun game besides. There are 2 decks: the casual deck, and the noble, or full deck. The full deck consists of 70 cards, with 7 suits of 10 cards each. Each suit is representative of one of the 7 types of magic. On the other hand, the casual deck removes the sun and moon suits for a total of 50 cards.


The first four are the fire, water, wind, and earth elements, or suits. Fire beats wind, wind beats earth, earth beats water, and water beats fire. The fifth deck is the ether element. Ether is weak to no suit, but also trumps none of them. If the element doesn't counter the other then victory is decided by who-ever has the higher number. Each round every player 'duels' with the player next in the order, and whoever wins one point. The first to ten points wins.
On the other hand, the noble deck adds two more suits: sun and moon. The sun suit changes the order of the cards so 1-5 are greater than 6-10, and the moon suit reverses the value of every card.
The noble deck is notorious about having further house rules from region to region. Some parts of Rubefià three constellation cards to each suit, with their own set value. Parts of Mià̃mertus Nation remove the sun and moon suits special qualities, to instead have them counter each other. However the two now can be defeated using the ether suit.

Yiselxà Academia in particular has its own version with an additional eighth suit: alchemy. The alchemy suit all have a value of zero on their own, but can be added to another card to increase its value.


The game needs at least two players, but can be played by up to ten if one is looking for a chaotic time.
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