Mělâ̂mdœri Stir Fry

For Birdkin wishing to show their skill in both magic and cooking, Mělâ̂mdœri Stir Fry is the technique at the peak. There are three factors in a Mělâ̂mdœri Stir Fry: style, technique, and flavor. Which aspect a performer excels in determines what kind of event they take part in.


A style-focused performance is shallow in comparison to its fellows. The food improperly cooked, perhaps a little over or under-done, and the seasonings not quite right. However, a true master of the style is absolutely beautiful to watch. The fire can be crafted into shape of birds, and food is flash fried before customers eyes. They usually can be found at festivals, or on street corners.


A technique-based performer is likely a mage who knows a decent amount of cooking. From the knife techniques to the control of their magic, the mage's Mělâ̂mdœri shows a great deal of skill and practice. However, the performance is often lacking a certain flair and showmanship, and the taste doesn't reach the peak. These performers usually work in ordinary kitchens, polishing their skill through time and effort.


The chef who focuses on taste above all truly is a chef. While the pure cooking techniques likely are perfect, the use of magic is unpolished. Some chefs even work in a team with another mage in order to execute the full performance. The style is obviously not the focus and remains by the wayside. But the taste, the taste is supreme. These chefs work in high-class kitchens for the rich, or top restaurants.

Of course, some practice all three styles to the best of their ability. These all-rounders are often found in the Mělâ̂mdœri competitions. Consisting of two performers, one will cook and serve the first course, and the other will create the second. A panel of judges will grade the three main aspects of the meal, as listed above. Its a common argument whether the first or second course position is better. Someone serving second is compared to the previous meal, but a truly skilled chef can make their dish play off the last to earn more points in the flavor section.
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