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... Access Granted. ... Communication Link established to datapads....
We made it out of yet another Capital Season without anybody trying to guilt-trip me into a dress!
How was your past thirteen or so days?
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I spent the time in training. Thank you for letting me use you as target practice by the way. It was very helpful to have moving targets that I couldn't predict their actions to truly work on improving my skill set. Now, was there any reason that I had to use stun on So'Zen all the time??? I mean the occasional low dose hit from a blaster would help to prepare him for something - right????
Cap, please don't use lethal force on So'Zen.
I could advance an argument that if you have murderous intentions, he is more likely to know you're coming and how you are about to do it. So long as you are in "playful mode" and not "adversary mode", he's a more appropriate model for most of the targets you expect to face later.
But. Really. Please don't even lightly disintegrate our colleague. It sets a standard for future behavior that does not go good places for anyone.
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Caino name: Quantum Queen   Head honcho: Jem Vandos (not appearing to be under duress)   Muscle: Clan Tilles     Bodyguard: Nale Ven. Sniper who is older than he appe.ars. Prefers less options on equipment which makes it depend more on skill. From Tapani sector and sends money back to 'family' as well as to planet Chandrila. He has been to three planets with Jedi Temples. Maybe he is here to check on those obelisks?
So many people to punch in this casino.
We're going to run out of hands.
  1. NovaCorps / Nova Orion Group may be the Corporate Sector backers of the Chalcedon Trade Guild
  3. illegal drug "spice" might be getting mined around here
  • Zuld Lurang, Mining Guild Security Services
  • Omar Jarand of the Sector Rangers
Chalcedon Trade Guild has got a deal with 2 other groups that do processing: NovaCorps / Nova Orion Group
There's a reason this town and another one are off the books: most of these mines do produce metallic ore. Duralite, iron, various components of starship hulls.
Mine #23 produces spice. Not same variety as Kessel. When it's in the soil, the hydroponics wind up growing food that causes visions.
We don't have the evidence.

Sector Ranger Omar Jarand
Mining Guild did not sign up to mine spice. They need a way out without being labeled "spice miners". Meanwhile, Sector Rangers need evidence to start filing charges.
The casino contains a refinement lab for the spice.
Past the lab is an office. Then you can get to the main floor of the casino.
There's a back door on the east side of the casino, concealed, goes through a main office and into the laboratory..
The casino owner at the Quantum Queen is Thol Balmuri. He is Thisspassian. He says he got the money to buy this casino/cantina and "fix it up" by betting on "Blue" on Nar Shaddaa.
Sun, Jan 29th 2023 05:07

Jem is not JEM!!!
I am so tempted to be cranky about that
  • The casino is called the Quantum Queen. This particular cantina inside the casino is called the Bent Spanner Cantina.
  • Deadhead Stewie does something horrible with a knife and mini-wormholes.
  • There are two hairbrained theories and one potentially sensible theory on the location of the real Jem Vandos:
    1. the Spacer's Tears, out by the gas giant Monorik here in the Chalcedon System
    2. which is the one that makes potential sense.
    3. Yavin IV
    4. Yonbiss (sometimes called "Byss" or "the Other Byss") in the Outer Rim
    These two are not holding much water. Why would Sargon set up all this chaos here, but take the Gamesman to a different region of space? The supportive chaos ought to be where the tough work is going to be.
  • Are the "Ebon Veil" :eyeroll: :tweenager pretentious hand flip: a sept of Clan Tilles? Colleagues? Some other group? Black Hats who got fired?
Team, we've been asked to locate and rescue one Anton Kal.
if I'd had to pick out someone to be Jem Vandos's secret husband, I would have picked Genog Druqod, a.k.a. Genog the Zabrak, a.k.a. Champion Genog.
Apparently two Secret Husbands exist!
Anyway. Research please.
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Nale Ven is a sneaky fighter and is not loyal to those who work with him. He knocked out his compatriot and then disappeared in the crowd. He says he was trying to learn something (and it wasn't my phone number!) and now that he had it, he was leaving.   Frustrating - and a bit intriguing.   Two potential IDs   1. He is a trooper clone from Clan Venn   2. He is either a Jedi or a member of the family the Jedi came from
Did you get any background info from him that you believe was truthful?