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The 'Funds' attribute / stat

While most players track their character's credits to a degree, all characters have a 'Funds' stat. This represents the fluidity of any character's access to credits at a given time.   For example, most pilots have to pay a docking fee and this does not require a roll ( no need, it's assumed they pay ). However, if the pilot is landing in a hostile port or a port they do not normally visit, the GM may require a 'funds' roll to handle the credit transfer. If they fail, the funds may not be accessible from that location, or may take time to process, OR on say a critical failure the pilot may suddenly discover he has been the victim of a slicer who just emptied the pilot's bank account of money!   This stat starts with a base of 3D for all characters. This is then modified based on the individual character's stats like so:

1d in Perception , -1 to Funds

1d in Knowledge , -1 to Funds

4 or more in Perception , +1 to Funds

4 or more in Knowledge , +1 to Funds

8 or more in business skill , +1 to Funds

Additionally, the Funds stat may be adjusted by the situation, but this must be talked over with the Game Master in detail for such a unique situation.


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