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Anthracite is a dark, crystalline mineral that occurs naturally on worlds with a high carbon to copper ration at high pressure. It is one of the many minerals used in the creation of certain types of starship reactor fuel.


Material Characteristics

In its unrefined form, anthracite is a gray-black rock with rust red veins traversing it. Once exposed to a high frequency electromagnetic field, the mineral reacts by generating an equivalent strength ionization field in response. The visual reaction is that the veins will glow a white-blue.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Under normal situations, anthracite crystals are hard but slightly warm to the touch. They become hot when exposed to a high frequency electromagnetic field.


This, along with other minerals such as dilutim, are used as the ingredients to create starship reactor fuel.

History & Usage

Everyday use

As one of the ingredients for starship and other similar vehicle fuels.


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