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The Water Dragon

The Water Dragon is an unusual island just south of the Fahrig Ridge, an uninhabited barren island of black rock, the Water Dragon represents a trap to those unfamiliar with the area. The island itself shifts and moves as its edges collapse back into the ocean, and the middle bubbles open with fire on an almost daily basis. Though appearing placid at a momentary glance, the water around this island is often steaming as molten rock flows from island. Occasionally, the center of the island will seem to explode, spewing molten rock outward before eventually cooling into another layer of black stone.


The water in the immediate vicinity of the island is often extremely hot, and is considered unproductive to fish in. However, slightly further away from the island is considered to be some of the best fishing waters in the region. Approaching the island is ill-advised in general, as the occasional fiery explosions from the center of the isle will throw off molten rock in such quantity as to sink or burn a ship that strays too close. Legend also states that in ages past, the fire from the Water Dragon has reached such proportions as to spill out to Grand Tescary and other surrounding inhabited islands. Thankfully however, no such eruption has been recorded in living memory.



The fiery island is believed by the Tescarana to contain the door to Cel's realm, leading to tales that somewhere in the underworld is a hot hell for the worst to enter the ram god's halls. Alternatively named Cel's Gate, the island is claimed by no clan. However, among some clans in the southern tip of Grand Tescary and the southern parts of the archipelago it is customary to abandon particularly heinous criminals or loathed individuals on the Water Dragon with the knowledge that in some hours or days, fire will once again erupt in the barren island and condemn them to Cel's underground realm.

Alternative Name(s)
Cel's Gate


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Wow, this sounds like it'd be a rather beautiful place to see (from afar)! I love the idea that molten rock spills from it into the ocean.

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