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Fairies are small beings born out of a convergence of primal magic¬†and the natural world. They are a people of strong emotions and impulses, brimming with curiosity and a desire to experience the world. They are often compared to children in the way they act, engaging with the world with wide-eyed and fearless wonder. It is also true in a darker sense, however. Fairies can be as pitiless and heartless as a child, acting without any concern but for their own desires.   Fairies love socialising, the better to learn of new things. Social niceties are often lost on them, however, and they can be infuriating to talk with if one expects decorum, as fairies will happily interrupt, make rude observations or fly off the moment something distracts them. On the positive side, fairies are very non-judgmental people, outside of vocalizing their inconsiderate observations. Fairies can also be very devoted friends and lovers, as if they truly take a shine to somebody, they will love them without hesitation or regret. And they will go quite far to protect those they care for.   While fearless, fairies are not stupid and in battle, are aware that their small size is a disadvantage. They therefore rely on mobility, trickery and magic to offset these disadvantages and have absolutely no problems fighting as dirty as they can.

Basic Information


Fairies are small bipedal beings. They walk on two legs and have two arms, with a notable abdomen descending from the back of their pelvis. Most of their body is covered in exoskeleton. Large wings sprout from their back, usually in beautiful colors. They are inherently tied to primal magic and are natural mages. Fairies have hearty internal chemistries, giving them some measure of protection against diseases and poisons. They are incapable of feeling fear. They are also very hard to permanently kill. A dead fairy becomes a hard seed which can sprout to reincarnate the fairy under the correct circumstances, unless the fairy is killed in a specific manner. The ways in which they can be reborn and permanently die depends on the specific species of fairy.

Genetics and Reproduction

Fairies are born when certain plants, especially flowers, soak into a large amount of primal energy. The exact circumstances determines what kind of fairy is born. Fairies are capable of engaging in non-reproductive intercourse for recreational purposes.

Growth Rate & Stages

Fairies grow from their original flower, or their seed if reborn, in a matter of minutes. At this point, they are fully grown.

Ecology and Habitats

Fairies are most at home in the wilds, but their inborn curiosity means that they can often be found just about anywhere.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fairies eat a wide variety of foods, but have a preference for those with a high sugar content.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Fairies are found in many spheres, especially where primal energy is abundant

Average Intelligence

Fairies are as smart as the average human, but tend towards having less of an ability to focus, being easily distracted by passing fancies. They also seem less able to commit things to long-term memory, unless it's something they really care about.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

They have a set of antenna, colorful compound eyes and notably long tongues, all of which gives them a good sense of their surroundings.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Fairies have a preference for cute or soft sounding names, often combined with references to the natural world

Relationship Ideals

Can best described as non-committal. Fairies dislike being tied down, even to a person they care about, and would rather be allowed to try new things, with the knowledge that they have someone to return to if they want. By the same token, they don't demand any level of fidelity from their partners.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Derkomai: Fairies are born knowing this primordial language
Scientific Name
Sapiens Papilionem
Does not age
Average Height
0.5-0.7 metres
Average Weight
40-45 kilo

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