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Bullet Turtles

He forgot to glide.

Written by TheSpectator

Bullet Turtles have wings. Their wings help them with swimming, and digging, and crawling. Their wings also let them fly, but it's safer for them to just glide, because, with the weight of their shell, they have less control of where they go. They are used for transporting goods, like food, water, building supplies, etc. Their size only determines how much they can carry. They can walk, swim and dig for as long as they need. They will require food and water to keep going.     Often the Bullet Turtle is sometimes used to transport coal, and ore from mine shafts, and taken to the nearest big city. When the Bullet Turtle has matured and has had a lot of experience with flight, it can fly full speed without much difficulty. They like to live underground sometimes, so they dig big holes underground. They somehow can detect what's inside whatever they are transporting. Some believe they are psychic, while others believe they have x-ray vision.

Basic Information


It has a shell, it's head sticks out of the front, and it has four legs, and it's wings stick out of the sides and are attached to the shell.

Growth Rate & Stages

The Bullet Turtle grows for as long as its alive. They don't always live very long because they try and fly, and will probably die from hitting a rock while gliding. The biggest Bullet Turtle is ten feet long, and 8 feet wide.

Ecology and Habitats

It is normally found in swamps but are most commonly kept in artificial swamps, where people breed and sell them for big money.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Bullet Turtles are vegetarian, but will also eat bugs.

Biological Cycle

The Bullet Turtles scales sometimes shed.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

It has psychic abilities and can read minds, and see through walls.
Conservation Status
People try and protect it so that it won't get hunted.


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