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Vyphion was feeling alone in his spectral plain, so he made Titans. He made several and gave them special abilities but they were forbidden to use them unless he said so. One day Castus, Titan of life created a separate realm and created the Human race, Vyphion was angry at him for disobeying his rules. So he banished him and gave his powers to a new Titan, Ekbris. Vyphion told the remaining Titans to create life in this realm. All the Titans helped create life and called the realm, Spellbound. In the early days of Spellbound, there were four guilds, the Warlords, which consisted of monsters, like Vikings, pirates and Orcs. The second, The Foundation consists of peacekeepers, explorers, farmers, and just good people that want to build, and explore. The third, The Málalið consists of mercenarys for hire, they are not affiliated with any country, just whoever has the money. The fourth, The Stórkaupmaður, are merchants, they tend to steal and re-sell items of value, they are not very liked but they have allies. All four clans are still around to this day.