The We

The We are both a people and a person. Myrin was a genetically modified slave of the Thü Throne Worlds, a member of a race that was particularly admired by the Thü for their beauty. Its not entirely sure how Myrin was the only survivor in Arthelion after the fall of the Throne Worlds, but over time she used the advanced genetics labs on the planets to effectively create a species and a civilization out of herself.   A Goddess in her own dominion, Myrin and her people possess little interest in expansion and the outside world, instead leading lives of luxury.   They had a brief conflict with the Thü Ascendancy, but since the Thü have not given her trouble.


"The We", as they occasionally refer to themselves, is a society that has highly advanced cloning and biological sciences, but is relatively behind in other ways. Their goal is to re-create their territory in their own image, and to do this their primary need is to build the farms and incubators that grow Myrin. As they are humanoid, they require food, so development of agriculture and food supplies is also of great importance. As the First says, "You can never have too many Myrin." However, in spite of high population concentrations the society remains relatively calm and content; as Myrin have been carefully bred to be loyal and obedient, they lack the drive to seek change -- especially violent change.   The problem with Myrin is creating other Myrin as brilliant and beautiful as the original, but a bit more willing to follow orders. While it is rumoured that perfect copies have been made, it is also said that these perfect copies were every bit as dangerous and megalomaniacal as the original. The consequence of this is that Myrin remains the leading decision-maker and planner of her domain. While some decisions have to be taken without her blessing due to pressures of time and money, these decisions–and the Myrin who make them–risk being cancelled on a whim.
Founding Date
50 BF
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Myrin
Controlled Territories


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